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Have you forgotten her, /a/?
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yes, shitty character from a shitty show
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I'll never forget Haruni

Griffith has superhuman reflexes and can dodge arrows without even trying

he also has a medium that predicts the future

how the fuck did rickert manage to succesfully slap him? Does this mean rickert is also free from the restrictions of causality??
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I am under the assumption that Griffith allowed him to do it, wouldn't really want to warp space or dodge for something as insignificant.
The real answer is that it serves the narrative.
By having Rickert, one of the last survivors of the eclipse finally confront Griffth and showcase his defiance.
Hope I made myself clear.
>The real answer is that it serves the narrative.
it happened because the writer wanted it to happen is the shittiest excuse for poor writing in history
He didn't expect Rickert to slap him. He 'allowed' him to do it out of surprise.

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We can all agree that Bananya is the AOTS, right?
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Yes and it also has the best VA of all time.
Bananya is actually AOTY

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The only series where you ask "remember that fucked up part?" and answer "which one?"
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Can't you say the same thing about Evangelion (to a lesser extent)?

Of course most people would just assume you're talking about the hospital scene.
You should read more manga
Kuso thread, newfag.

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>you now remember the shivers you felt first time you saw this
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I will retreat to fap now, thank you very mucho!
That's lewd, anon
I don't remember that scene in darker than black

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ITT: Villains who did nothing wrong.

I'll start.
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did nothing wrong swagger.gif
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Sora was a good dude he dindu nuffin
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thanks for that i guess.
so those spoilers were real.

Must suck to like Onodera today.
Well at least the best girl didn't get a boy haircut.
Who fucked Yui?

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ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong
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isla pouting.jpg
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She did nothing wrong, all the way to the bitter end.
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>removing scum
not like this
>policy to remove scum
>eventualy turned into policy to remove lazy and annoying people

he should have just kept killing actual criminals. everything beyond that was just because he is quite arrogant about how rightous he is.

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It's this time again!
Because of the summer event in F/GO, we get a limited edition of Lancer Tamamo.
What do you think about her newest outfit?
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What a time to be alive
Fucking nice

Do you enjoy mahou shoujo series with PTSD?

Also anime by urobuchi when?
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ITT Characters you just want to be friends with
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The only Keion I can't sexualize.
Would befriend though.
holding a base like that grinds my gears

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>manga about a cake teacher and her student
>it's not a serialisation, just 'whenever I feel like it' chapters

Why can't se have nice things. Is a cake romance series where the main character isn't an unlikeable twat too much to ask for?
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teacher x student is a shitty fetish for shitty people

You must love it then

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What she meant by this?

Like, seriously, though
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worry about yourself fagit
Who is she talking to and what episode is this?
Episode 12,
She and shinji are in the car and Shinji sais that he doesnt like to be praised because that makes Asuka angry at him and doesn't understand why. That's her answer.

Did I miss the thread where we talked about this?

Pic related looks a lot like you-know-who doesn't she?

>[Asenshi] Lostorage incited WIXOSS - PV [49A4AAC5].mkv
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>Flying Witch director

Could work
You did miss the thread. No more threads until movie is subbed.

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Why did he do this?
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People like to claim he was acting out of character except he never had self awareness and was acting the exact same as he usually does and defended someone who was having trouble speaking up for themselves.
He did the same shit in arc 1 but he was insulting the villain so it was okay.
I get the part that he wanted to help Emilia. Why did he have to claim he was her best knight?
He's extremely overprotective over Emilia.

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