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This is a 15 year old japanese witch
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This is a 15 year old Japanese witch's tummy

Will Conan ever end?
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Heat death.
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I don't think so unless the autor dies or something. Still how do you think it will end?
I say it'll be Conan telling his secret to Ran and her being like "oh yeah I knew all along".
Ran and Shinichi will have a child they name Conan.

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Gintama is next.
Shit they are still drawing gintama. Look at its pathetic ranking, you can even feel the despair in his half assed comment

It hits you real hard when sorachi said jump just got a little bit lonelier. lonelier indeed

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Otoyomegatari thread.
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Pariya a cute.
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She sees
I've recently read the 7 first volumes, it was fun. The twins were cute to follow, and the last chapters had a strong yuri vibes in them.

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More swords announced.
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Is anything really 2deep4u? Is being deep really anything special? Or possible, for that matter?
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I feel like Evangelion was deliberately designed to be 2deep4u. Hear me out.
The entire setting is not explained well at all. there are more open questions than there are cells in the fucking human body. the plot is thinly spread over several media formats. it reaches an unsatisfying and senseless conclusion that is just flashbacks and gay bathing.
But I think it's done deliberately, because Shinji doesn't fucking get it. He has no idea what's going on, and the viewer reflects that. At the end, you, just like shinji, are just glad it's over.
It's not deep, but it uses 2deep4u and a kind of metanarrative.
Do you seriously not know the meaning of the word "deep"? I bet you use it all the time too like some poser.

Deep in this sense means that there is more to the anime than what meets the eye. That there are hidden values or facts regarding something that's not necessarily obvious on the surface. They don't have to be hard to understand or cather to your intellect/perception. They just don't have to spelled out.
the problem is, you can take anything and assign a "hidden meaning" to it.
I can take princess mononoke and claim it's about Japan's transition from mystical feudal society into modern industry, but that makes it neither true nor deep.

I don't know anything about this girl but I have an intense desire to fuck her.
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>Liking scat

Sick fuck.
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It is perfectly normal anon, she is described as a having a body with the golden ratio proportion the first time the MC meets her.
Visually pleasing

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Weg LOTGH.png
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All the this
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weg amaama.png
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ITT: Jojo [STANDS] in other series
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Amidamaru was the least interesting spirit of the bunch.
While Yoh is still one of the better shonen protagonists.

Usually it goes reverse with the spirit/being connected to the MC being more interesting than the MC
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Why am I attracted to worst girl?
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Same here, friendo

She also smokes.

I don't understand these desires, but her confession kinda broke my heart.
Shit taste expert here, ama
She's not great but definitely not worst girl, that's Manami. Also get better subs.

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This manga is such a joke. He literally never won a battle and he never got his damn revenge either. He's only alive because he was kept alive by his enemies. There's also that quote (I'm still searching for it) where the prince makes some sort of vague comment ending a volume that was never elaborated on.

The main character is too selective with his whole justice thing, it doesn't make any sense. This isn't character development, this is someone with an sm fetish.
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Vinland Saga v11 c78 p24.png.png
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found it
>characters questioning their beliefs is bad
>characters growing into new motives is bad
>vague storytelling is bad

shonen readers pls go
I get you're using that because it's more like any growth he had went up in flames. I never said any of it was bad either, I said farmland saga is bad because of those things. Dropped plot-points are bad objectively.

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You gotta admit this scene was one of best in recent seasons of anime.
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it was one of the best in anime period
No I don't.
The way you feel about this scene is how i feel about the entire thing.

Why doesn't japan make movies like this anymore?
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They got over their teenaged phase.
>Got over their teenage phase
>Continues milking out haremshit adolescent fantasy
Because they cost a shit ton and dont make that much money

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So Naruto and Ichigo ended with a big titty monster, does that mean Luffy will end up with a big titty monster as well?
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But everyone in One Piece is a big titty monster
>the only romance I care about is the romance of adventure
MILF Hinata or MILF Orihime

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