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Final ending chapter in 2-3 Hours
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Who else was more hype for this amazing display of butthurt than the final chapter itself?
That's a BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL picture.


Are your bodies ready for more Blood Striking, /a/?
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I'd strike hers.
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Fuck off nico
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What the fuck is this 360 bullshit, one second he is saying come with me, the next after she confesses he says I love another girl.

Do people really unironically like this anime?
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>Do people really unironically like this anime?
No, just IRC shitposting.
He's a textbook histrionic.
Because he was running away from his problems due to all the shit that was happening to him, began thinking 2nd best girl in his eyes would be a decent consolation prize, got his motivation back due to Rem and made it clear what Rem already knew. She's getting cucked.

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More spoilers pics in 2 hours.

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First for ichihime
Let's be honest here.
How would you react to Tatsuki winning the jobberbowl?
Yonko dug his own grave and revealed the ruse by posting a fake spoiler pic on his spoiler text. He would know it was fake. That means the whole thing is fake. Prepare for ichiruki

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>getting mad over a ship instead of over a ton of dropped subplots that never got addressed

What do faggots watch anime and read manga for anyway?
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>people actually self-inserted into Ichigo
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The shippers have taken over for the past 24 hours or so, but before that those of us mad about the plot shitshow were bitching plenty.

When did it become hard for you to find something good to watch?
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After i started noticing and appreciating quality.

There is so little that gets me excited nowadays, i feel nothing looking at anime anymore.
When you start watching good stuff. It becomes incredibly hard to watch shit anime after that.

If I had watched SAO a few years younger, I'd be defending that shit like my virtual dauteru's life depended on it. Now I feel like I completely wasted my time and would be better off not watching anime with that much hype

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Now that Mai was confirmed playable, is a Remix Heart anime inevitable?

Also Variable Heart translations when?
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No one cares about your dumb bimbo waifu. Put your trip back on.
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I'm not him but okay.

>hear "hambagah" in the dialog
>subs say "steak"

They're really taking the piss aren't they?
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a hamburger is a sandwich
a hamburger steak is the meat part
Hanbaagu = Salisbury Steak
Hanbaagaa = Hamburger

You're hearing the former and thinking you're hearing the latter. Know you know.

Berserk was a mistake.
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I don't know anon, after the 7th time its not so bad.
It still looks terrible. But yes, it's better now, from 2/10 to maybe 6.
The 5th episode was pretty cool

6th was horrible.

7th was great

Bunny or dog?
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charlotte 115.jpg
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Marry Shirley
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The doggy has a very nice game for lovey dovey time, so she's better.
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you can only choose one
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I don't know them, but left is the best.
I want to fuck You.
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>I don't know them

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Kubo really went all out to troll you fags one last time. IchiHime is one thing, but Renji having unprotected sex with Rukia is another!
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renji rukia sex.png
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>Renji having unprotected sex with Rukia is another!
wat, elabrote?
if this is true then he is really absolute madman
Not KUBOS art style at all. Hair strand is peaking through the eyebrow. It's obviously fake.

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rip ogeha ;_;
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what series is this/
Did he blow her up?
Well, shit. That happened quicker than I expected.
I can't remember the last time I was this excited to see an MC suffer.

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>mfw ningens
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Hey now, no need for The N word.
kill yourself
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no u
BLEACH:RE next year.

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