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Describe anime as poorly as you can and others try to guess it

1. Moeblob learns edgy lessons about society
2. Female protag -bowl gets win by a literal retard
3. Best boy is a lazy Gary Stu
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It aired the same episode eight times in a row.
No wait
A white haired man with a sticks stalks a lolicon to death, as well as having a very awkward walk with her (in which he is almost too embarrassed to strike up a conversation).

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33 days to go
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Would you protect her smile?
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Nice reddit meme faggot
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It's easier to protect her smile when you don't have to worry about protecting her hearing

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>made one of the most successful manga of all time
>started out well, lost its way, but picked itself back up at the end
>helped make two GOAT movies
>finished on his own terms and now moving forward to make something new
>tight as fuck with everyone in JUMP including legends like Oda and Togashi
>didn't run his manga into the ground with a wimper
>isn't a little bitch hated by all the JUMP artists

Why is Kishi so based?
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>isn't a little bitch hated by all the JUMP artists
Are you implying Kubo is hated by the other WSJ authors?
fuck off narutards
>implying Kubo isn't Kishi

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5 chapters and my sides are gone
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img000012 (1).png
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muh dick

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Shota/loli Ghostbusters when?
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Hopefully never, Kubo should just finish himself off.
doujin when?
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>New MC is a male Orihime
Uhhhh I think I'll pass

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I can't do it
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>not being able to do that
lose weight
I can do it, just really slow. The pinky one is the harddest.

This anime was fucking sick. How was it received on /a/ during release?
I liked this anime I TON. Of course Rory best girl.
Is a S3 at all likely? Is there anything that can be said about the lns for after where the anime left?
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Forgot to put that it's called:
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
incase anyone didn't know
I want to fuck the elf.
Anime Rory is shit. A SHIT!!
>cat ear ribbon
>looks like shitty idol
>no fishnet stockings

> Evil Buu is stronger than Fat Buu AFTER he separates from Fat Buu

> Kid Buu gets weaker after absorbing the fat Kaioshin

> Evil Buu gets stronger after absorbing Piccolo, Gotenks, Gohan

> Kid Buu is at least stronger than Buutenks after everything he absorbed was removed, including the removal of Fat Buu

I'm still trying to make sense of this. Nothing about him is consistent, which makes it hard to tell whether Buuhan or Kid Buu is stronger.

Also is Mr.Buu weaker than Fat Buu? Can he take on Black (pre- Super Saiyan Rosé)?
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>Can he take on Black (pre- Super Saiyan Rosé)?
Just absorb the guy
> Kid Buu is at least stronger than Buutenks

He's not. Kid Buu is fucking garbage.
Fuck off retarded amerifat anime-only subhuman.
Kid Boo is only stronger than Fat Boo because Fat one is neutered by Fat Kaioshin. All other Boo forms are stronger than Kid Boo, but Kid Boo is the only one uninhibited by emotions, is pure literal random and has endless stamina making him the most relentless of Boo variants.

Buuhan was still the strongest.

Only confirmed canon OTPs are allowed itt
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They are indeed pretty cute.
Plus there is a good bit of new art on pixiv for them.
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one of the few cases of canon pedophilia

>falling in love with the villain

Caption this Image
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garbage, and perflation
feet licker and toad sucker

This is your glove tonight.
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What are gloves good for?
I think I watch too much porn.

Why do niggers never translate well into anime? They either look like tan whites or a caricature from the 20s like pic related.
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Kuro looks fucking good.
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Japan does not have the technology to make darkies look kawaii, and aren't interested in developing it.
i really want her route so bad

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fuck coalgirls.jpg
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Never forget. Coalgirls is the enemy and you should never download or seed them.
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>not crunchyroll
Diaz is a faglordjizzqueer but he's the less evil.
I see nothing wrong with Crunchyroll.

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>Luffy: I'm going to be the Pirate King!
>Naruto: I'm going to be the Hokage!
>Ichigo: I'm going to be.....a teenage father!

Did Kubo deliberately try to give Ichigo the lamest ending he could possibly think of?

Is Ichigo the worst shounen MC of all?

Is bleach The worst shounen of all time?
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>naruto is basically a stereotypical japanese salaryman smothered in paperwork
looks like ichigo got a better ending to me
Ichigo never had any personal goal, he always did everything because he was told to or to protect his friends... well, his goal was to "live a normal life" so I guess he got that?
That sounds original t b h. It's just like the endings of Telenovelas on tv

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Who thought it was a good idea to make a crime-drama/action anime?
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>Black Lagoon is edgy tryhard nonsense
Explain further
This site is 18+, please leave.
Aside from Revy in general just being an obnoxious as fuck character, everything in the show just screams like it's trying to hard to be shocking and hardcore or something.

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