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Pierrot censored the best moment of the manga.
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when have you seen an shonen non censoring amputation? ...1999 HxH doesnt counts
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This anime is shit

Let's just talk about the real winner of all this

>Got two Bankais
>Got respect of his captain
>Got the girl of his dreams
>Got a real best friend
>Won back the relationship with said girl of his dreams because of the efforts of said best friend
>Is the only participant of the final fight who actually won a fight against a Sternritter
>Got to be in the final battle (I mean he jobbed but still)
>Is fucking that tight Sode no Shirayukass every night
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>Sode no Shirayukass
>no longer has to fuck his snake sword
Renji was always my favorite so I'm pretty happy for him honestly

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Shima-san >>>> that burnt bacon bitch from Katawa Shitjo
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Might want to go to /r9k/ for this thread but whatever.

Hug them then realize they have absolutely no care in the world for you.
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Both should be bullied

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>Put everything of Atashi in this one-ball
>Even Misuzu and Candy are tired of this arc
Where are they fucking?
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Are Japanese schools hard as fuck or why do they always show anime characters studying all day long?
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Who fucking cares?
because anime targeted customers are children and teenagers and this help them to relate to the characters?
because anime characters are baka as fuck

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This is very unsettling.
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I want to fuck Miki
I want to save Megu-nee
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i'm gonna dump this here for no reason

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gender bender.jpg
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Consider the following.
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The image is not following your post. What are your intentions?

Does Killua still get 8-pack abs?

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>2 out of the big 3 went with cow tits

Well fuck. Who the fuck is luffy leaning towards?
We need at least 1 DFC
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Only a Pirate Empress is suited for the Pirate King.
Fuck off with these threads already.
>We need at least 1 DFC
There aren't any in OP bro

>Bleach gone
>Naruto gone
>One piece bound to end in the near future

What will be the new "big three"?

Have there been any announcements about new series? Will they be anywhere near as popular as the last generation?
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>One piece bound to end in the near future

Only 65% there and Oda now takes breaks every month

OP will probably outlast the new "big 3"
Sad that gintama will never be considered as such; considering how long it lasted.
Boku no Hero, One Punch Man, and maybe Hunter x Hunter.

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This is your wife tonight.
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Go away abe.
this is the worst meme
I'd be okay with this

I'm starting madoka.

Why doesn't she wish for more wishes or to be invincible?
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Or why not no witches?
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She just need to wish to be able to keep everyone heads on straight.
yeah why doesn't she do that?

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Urobuchi Gen.jpg
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Why do you call him 'butcher' or even 'edgy'? You know his works are full of messages for hope and optimism
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>his works are full of messages for hope and optimism

At an unnecessarily steep cost.
Because he is the master of baby's first shows.
People are mad because almost no other writer in the industry takes any risks like making important characters die. So when Urobuchi does it, people think it's "edgy", when it would have been perfectly normal in any other medium.

I don't remember the last time I watcheed a series depict a girl as cute and marriable as Kotori.
She's beautiful, intelligent, caring and gets along perfectly with Tsumugi.

You think sensei will ever notice her and form the warmest and loveliest family together?
His romantic radar is deader than a rock but I still hope it'll happen.
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Just look at them.
they look like the perfect family.
Completely agree. However, he is 35ish (iirc) and she is 17, which strikes as very odd to me.
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Despite the age gap that people will look down upon she better get with him and at least raise her before he passes.

Why didn't /a/ like this?
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Because it's good.
Because it's bad.
Because forced drama.

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What is your favourite Evangelion theory?
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It was created just for underaged australians to shitpost about on their way to school in the morning.
It just sounded cool.

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