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squealer did nothing wrong
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thats mah slave name
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>attempting genocide
>not wrong
whatever you say faggot

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New episode with new ED is out.
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What is this guy problem?
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Suffering next week. I'm excited because the manga stops right before this scene so I kind of ran out spoilers. I wish they didn't remove the match between Takumi's year and Kaionji's year but I guess they don't have enough time to show everything.

Jealousy, probably.
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Not enough dick.So he gave Takumi the dick.

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we should join her pack!!!
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Would you dominate the world with her?
Small awoo a shit
Big awoo a best

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I'll pretend that the last arc never happened and Pierrot's anime end is the real thing. They knew when to stop.
Also they gave us pic related, best episode. So sweet and sad. Even the ending was awesome.
Thank you Pierrot and fuck you Kubo!
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Regarding Bleach’s end
While just a few individuals are celebrating Bleach’s bad end, eastern fans are pissed as fuck claiming it was Kubo’s revenge against the WSJ.

Kubo has said in previous interviews that he was being overexploited by Shueisha and that he had to face a lot of restrictions regarding his work.
Now, if you wonder why Kubo has ended Bleach this way, the reason is clear: he didn’t want SJ make profit with the last (and most profitable) volume of his series.

Kubo himself and most part of eastern fans adore IchiRuki, but since an IR end would make the publisher earn more money, he chose to not to close his manga that way. In fact, many fans are saying they’re not going to buy the last volume :

“We decided to throw away without buying the last volume.”

Taken from: http://onepiece-naruto.com/?no=1511
You can check 2ch boards and translate their comments to corroborate this.

Guys, just remember this: Bleach always was about Ichigo and Rukia.
If this last chapter ended with other couples was because Kubo had his reasons to shit on the publisher which abused of him and his ideas.

Instead of being angry at him, we should admire him as a brave manga artist who decided to make justice by making the SJ look bad
>they knew when to stop
>not they had to stop
>a brave manga artist who decided to make justice by making the SJ look bad

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What an ending.

Anime when?
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Hopefully never you moron.
>being this autistic
Did you forget your ritalin today little boy?
Never. It's finished, there's nothing to promote.

Would you eat her cookies?

>inb4 "VA is dead" joke
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I wish she would have been more present in the show. Her moments were the best.
>inb4 "VA is dead" joke
That's nothing to joke about anon. How could you be such a heartless bastard? You should be ashamed.
No. I bet they're disgusting

At least his lymph nodes are intact

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Turns out Ayame and Amane ended this May, so I'm just gonna finish the last 3 chapters here.
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Ayame and Amane

"Chiho, you have plans for Christmas?"
"Yup. I'm having a party at Kamijou-san's place"

"Ohh, at Kamijou's"


"Sorry, Nobita"
"This Christmas party's just for two"
"Ah, it's fine"
"I don't really plan on joining in"
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"Whaaa, join us Hiromi. It's more fun with more people"
"I'm thankful for the offer!"

"It's okay for Hiromi to impose right, Kamijou-san?"


"Look, she says it's fine"
"It's definitely not! There's fluid dripping onto the floor!"
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Ayame and Amane

Beep beep

"Watch out"


He was rewarded with fresh ripe virgin 18 year old pussy.
How was this a bad end again?
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>implying best girl
He saved someone else's wife. KEK
There are few words that I hate more.

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Has there ever been such a failure of a main character like Ash?
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>JUST across the years

Next time he will win...

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Dumping Chapter 62 of Bakuon Rettou
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ITT: Verbal ticks, catch phrases or other iconic speech patterns from anime characters.

Hoyoyo is a personal favorite of mine.
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des(u) at the end of each sentence
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Are Rem fans the cancer of Re:Zero?
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I bet you're an Emiliafag
Certainly. All waifufaggots are.
They'll forget her and move on in the next season anyway

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Why can't anime be scary?
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That's not scary, that's edgy
mainly because the medium is hard to showcase in animation, they either try to do simple jump scares or just flat out edgy gorefest.
>finding anything scary
Fucking grow up.

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Is RAITA a plague or a blessing?
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A blessed plague
Remove Misa.

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What would happen if you were to right Saitama's name into a Death Note book?
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Nothing, because that's probably not his full name
He dead.
Saitama should be on the bottom slide

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