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>there are people that didnt watch geass with /a/

i pity their souls
Kallen a cute.

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This is the best anime of the 2010's right? Like, if you disagree you're wrong.
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Objectively great, but what you would consider "the best" is very subjective.

The kind of shit sites like ANN never report on because they don't want people to realize that the industry has been struggling. This is actually a chart with the y axis representing 1.0 to 1.5 billion yen and the x axis representing of course years. As we can see the actual median income of the average studio has dropped significantly since 2006-2008 when the light novel boom and rush to adapt that sort of material, use idol seiyuu and eroge writers really took off in 2009-present meaning either anime just isn't pulling in nearly as much money on average as it used to or companies like Aniplex and Bandai are starting to take all the money and leave dried out husks of near financially destitute studios that depend on them and being able to produce hits for them to stay alive. Pretty damn pathetic and Japan is laughing at this news right now with the acknowledgement that was once a primary cultural export is pretty much just shit for otaku and fujos nowadays.
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The latter is probably correct

It could also just be that it never quite recovered from the 2008 economic collapse. Japan's economy has been struggling for years under Abe which isn't helping matters.
And yet it seems anime is becoming more and more popular by the day in the West. That being said, I think you're making a mistake. Anime has never, outside of specific franchises, been a normalfag hobby in Japan. That's manga, mainly due to the convenience and low price. Anime had always been niche.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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biggest loser of the century
I love it!
dont you have anything better to do in life

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... you didnt think so at first because /a/ made you cynical and you forgot to have fun and feel something and not be tied to what a users on an anonymous message board think and you finally remembered that it okay to have your own opinion.
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Too bad the designs were butchered
OP you're so fucking gay.
>listening to /a/'s opinion on anime
When will you learn anon?

[HorribleSubs] Momokuri - 15+16 [1080p

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>blonde hair
>cow tits

Judging from how previous mangas have ended,I think it's safe to say who will win the Soma bowl.
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Perfect she is awesome.
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>Big tits

Judging from how previous mangas have ended,I think it's safe to say who will win the Soma bowl.
I'd give her my meat

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Name one long running shounen battle mango that had a satisfying ending

That's right, you can't. And you never will
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Fullmetal Alchemist
Dragon quest Dai's adventure.
dai no daibouken

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Is Manyuu Hikenchou the pinnacle of ecchi?
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no, Rance is
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What was the LAST Shojo Genre Anime you actually watched?
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Nobunagun isn't shoujo. It's a shonen with romance from the point of view of a girl
I don't remember.

What if you were a boy but your life was from the point of view of a girl?

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What went wrong?
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Nothing. It was actually a decent anime.
Baba was a dumb villain that didn't make any sense
Bibi was introduced as the main villain.

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You go to sleep and the day after you wake up as Shinji Ikari in the exact first scene of NGE, you still have your memories and your personality as well as Shinji's memories, but you don't have the knowledge of what happened in NGE.
What would change?
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Nothing, i would be a pussy just like him.
id get in the damn robot.
live alone and not with a whore.
also asuka is not worth tolerating her.
>hey shinji kun can you give this card to Rei, I forgot to give it to her
>go into Rei's house
>see her naked
>push her onto her bed
>unzips dick

I'd be glad to die after that.

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Was it a good or bad adaption?
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It was good, now stop asking and learn to make your own god damn opinions.
Good adaptation of worst route.
It was good. Slick animation and decent writing that managed to parse through the eldritch tome that is the Nasuverse.

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Episode 7 soon.
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The moment Bleach jumped the shark.
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>saving someone else's wife
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I legit didn't see this coming. I thought "it's just a shonen, surely Gin is the murderer"

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