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What happens?
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Gets the whole team killed because he is a faggot who lets villians get away.
fuck off
I drop it

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Not a Chance.jpg
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Would you fuck your waifu while she's pregnant?
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Unless she was horribly against it, yeah. It would suck for her to be pregnant and feel like she's stopped being beautiful and desireable.
Milking is one of my fetishes, what do you think?
Your waifu is a cow?

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RIP Harambe
The End
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seriously weak
i laughed

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ITT: Best Anime Songs that aren't OP/EDs.

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Here you go:


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first three words that come to mind
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better when short
cum inside her
Next Season When?

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What happens?
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Even more stupid sayings
>Gunbuster OVA
The Earth and Space Fleet is destroyed by Space Monsters after Shinji goes AWOL and he's left floating around in space forever
>amaama to inazuma

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Meanwhile, in bizarro /a/....
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Could you imagine the shitstorm if people actually shipped characters and cared?

Also, your waifu is great Anon.

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A Silent Voice (2016 dir. Yamada Naoko)
Pic not related.
Why didn't you like it?

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Spoilers are out.

Monspiet and Derrierie are still the cutest duo.
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Forgot the text.

It's done. How do you think of it?
…I'm glad for you.

SFX: Stare

What are you watching, Monspiet?
Oh… ah, right.
SFX: Excitedly

Here, here.

I found this in here.
I think it'll suit you if you wear it.
And for this page.

I'll combo you if you keep making fun of me.
It was a joke…

…or not.
But I apologize.
I didn't mean it.

SFX: Kyafu?

This is…

Do you feel it, Derrierie?
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shit, should have greentext'd.

>…the walk(goddess) has been eliminated.

>It's only a matter of time until Fraudrin and Greylord take care of the rest.

>The monster, Escanor or something, has us a little curious about him but we will be on stand-by until he returns.
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> Wa! Wa!

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Asuka takes an early lead. Makes sense, being the best Eva pilot with the most advanced Eva. Everyone else's is just a useless prototype.
RealDoll vs. Crazy Bitch 2016: When Worlds Collide, The Final Chapter: Part 2
Where's the option to tell Evafags to kill themselves?

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Sup /a/

Do you guys still remember?
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the 21st night of september?
I will never forget. Haven't listened to that whore Kanemoto since.
Still gets a giggle out of me.

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>Watch Love Live
>Nico is the only sexy one

This is so bullshit, Idols are supposed to be attractive.
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Nico being smart.jpg
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Nico is the beef patty in the hamburger that is love live anon
the other girls exist merely to compliment and bring out the flavor of the Nico
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Whats /a/ favorite dub from pic related
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Everything from 4kids is a masterpiece and if you disagree you have shit taste.
Yugioh. Despite the retarded censorship like removing guns.
Yu-Gi-Oh,Shaman King and Ultimate Muscle.The truth is that most of their dubs were okay but they get a terrible reputation because of the one dub they messed up: One Piece

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best girl.gif
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Did you forget about her, /a/?
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About who?
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Yes, just like we did Hestia, Umaru, Megumin, and, eventually, Rem.
Literary Megumin thread right now

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Senna a CUTE.jpg
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Final chaper out in 2-3 hours.

Bleach 686 Death & Strawberry

Center color is Ichigo and his former classmates 10 years later

The shinigami investigate but Ywhach reiatsu just vanished
Then 10 years time skip

Orihime is now Ichigo's wife
They have a son, Kurosaki Kazu

Renji & Rukia got married
Their daughter is called Abarai Ichika

Chad becomes a world champion boxer
Uryuu becomes a doctor
Yuzu is flat
Aizen goes back to being a prisoner

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Bleach Live Action Movie

PD: No mention of Urahara, Grimmjow, Yuroichi, Harribel or other characters with ambiguos fate.
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Any spoiler pics that not renruki daughter

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