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Why is Japan so obsessed with breasts when butts are just as nice.
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Breasts are easier to see because they are in the front and up higher
butts smell like shit
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I completely... AGREE

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When did anime get so lazy?
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What are you implying?
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When did shitposters get so lazy?

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ITT: Undisputed best girls
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That is indeed a best girl, I'll raise you by one.
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She is best girl in the entire damn thing. Keep fighting, so-bin.
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Another Best Girl

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Why didn't Goku ever teach his wife how to fly?
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women can't fly
Why? So she can actually chase him flying if he runs away from her?

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Stupid delicious Mami does things to my dick.
Why do you do that, stupid delicious Mami?
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I want Mami to give me head
I want to use her detached head as a personal onahole.
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Honest thoughts on Type-Moon?
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It's fun
Super Affection is the only good song to come out of the Fate Series
They should stick to making Carnival Phantasm and drop the main series.

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Which Asian character looks the most actually Asian?
Hard mode: Nothing rotoscoped.
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Pretty much all of these guys.
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Explain yourselves, KyoAnus lickers.
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>using Akio Watanabe designs for the Shaft example
Holy shit, please don't tell me those Zaregoto designs are real
Thanks god they changed Hyouka's

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Is his career as a mangaka dead? Is he even still respected in Japan? Can he be considered a success in anyway? Is he the M Night Shamylan of manga? If he made a new series would anyone actually read it? Is he a genius or a troll?
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people are so emotionally broken that they dont want to follow his next pairing just to get disappointed again.
I doubt Kubo cares. He made enough money to keep him set for a lifetime.
>is he a genius or a troll?

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Let's settle this.
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This page has my response.
No, incest is a sin.
>No, incest is a sin.
No, incest is the purest form of love.

Who was the right choice for Ranma and why was it Ukyo
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>Two Rumiko threads going on

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>Ukyo thread
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is there a high quality version of the second cm?
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Reminder that the site got updated, no theater listings yet.
>all that loliness
Banned in the UK and Australia

Anon? Something wrong?
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yes, your chin
Aren't you supposed to be evil, edgy, and dark? Why are you seducing me on a bright, warm, summer beach?
>not evil

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I thought a gyaru is supposed to be slutty but Galko is bretty cute.
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I'm not insecure or white.
Anime is not realistic
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The power of anime.

>you will never wake up to this beautiful woman cooking you breakfast

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

previous bangin thread: >>145600363
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>it has been a few years since I went to America.
That would be
or something similar.

In Japanese, times take に or no particle at all when they're used as adverbs, to describe when an action takes place or for how long.

数年前から is still valid in other contexts, though. For example 数年前からの手紙, a letter from a few years ago.
スレテーマ → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPF7lit7Z00
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I started reading Ranma 1/2.
It's very easy, but the quality is pretty bad.

It will do for now.

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