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Kakegurui Dump

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Raw are monthly but Yen Press releases are weekly while they catch up to raws, right?

Monthly and it's up-to-date.

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What are you working on?
What do you wish got picked up?
What do you need help with?
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>What do you wish got picked up?
Can someone please pick up Birdmen and ntr jaimini box

this manga deserve way better treatment than the one it's getting
Quick I need something to pick up that is guaranteed to get like 8K+ batoto followers, hasn't been touched by any other group, and isn't reincarnation/isekai shit.

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This generation, they don't know man. Such as,

-Pic related
-.rmvb files
-.avi files
-People once rejecting the mere idea of .mkv files
-The Hi10P shitstorm
-The idea of more than one group fansubbing a show, even fighting over it.
-Toonami being on on weekdays
-Dragon Ball Z airing on TV before it even came to Toonami
-Fansubs for shows taking up to a week
-OP/ED song karaoke (Of course in romanji, characters and English)
-TL Notes
-The initial Pokemania wave
-A time when Gundam SEED was actually the biggest thing to ever come out of Japan (and people actually loved it)
-The internet explosion that was "Naruto-kun, I love you" and what looked like Hinata's death
-People once actually liked 4Kids, or at the very least, tolerated their existence
-GAR in general and where it comes from

Feel free to add
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Trying to download Love Hina off LimeWire and ending up with BDSM scat porn instead

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Explain further.
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Archery is a lesbian sport. I don't know anything else.
Why do the Japanese put the arrow on the wrong side of the bow? I think the Mongols did that too but that was because they did thumb draw
I think the original movie poster would give you an aneurysm from how Madoka is holding the bow and arrow

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>he doesn't have his adblock on when he goes on /a/
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I mean at this point who doesn't use ad blockers?
>he uses a add-on to block ads

reddit tier
>he uses a monitor

MAL tier

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Say something nice about her.
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She has nice fashion sense but Mercury or Saturn are the hottest.
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>but Mercury or Saturn are the hottest.
Actually Venus is the hottest according to NASA.
Her legs aren't bad.

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Blue or Red?
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Only one of them is dirty.
Blue is clean. Clean is best.

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>Carley is important to Jack Atlas
>seiyuu gets revealed as being involved in a sex cult by the tabloids
>no more Carley, TEAM SATISFACTION only
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Best pairing
>the entire series goes to shit
You must have it rough.

>fantasy on the rise
>maho shojo on the rise
>yuripandering on the rise
>fujopandering on the rise

>mecha in decline
>harem in decline (almost dead)

Can you even imagine how anime industry will look in a few years?
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>Light novel adaptions gone
>Most anime are anime original works

There. I saved anime for you.

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New chapter soon.
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why'd it have to be a monthly manga
Why did this have to die. I miss rello
>Monthly manga.
It's a weekly, anon.

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Is there any studio with better animation than Ufotable?
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Kyoani of course!
Shaft of course !

Characters who did nothing wrong.
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What do you feel when you see this nugget?
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bad parenting
I wanna fugget.
Urge to shitpost or bump her thread

What does /a/ think about junketsu no maria?
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I praise the show for showing historically accurate weapons, armor and fighting techniques. Very refreshing and I'd like to see more of that.
Needed more rape.
The guy one the right sure have a bad day.

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I'm 8 episodes in
When does it get good?
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When best girl falls for MC.
Second season
That's literally the point when she became the worst character.

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