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Will we ever get an adaption?
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This is the ideal female form.
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Not flat enough.
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>a child
Best be joking

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superior Rin.jpg
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Even a hack like Nasu isn't retarded enough to use this literal perfection just to be a shitty tsundere waifu for some retarded autistic ginger.
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Her design was made after the fucking fact just like they added the blue eyes to the other girl saying that's how she was suppose to be. When in fact the sketches show her with dark brown eyes.
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misaya bath.jpg
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Will it be a single good anime of 2017?
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If it goes by source material then yes, if only by comparison to anything else that gets shit out by that time
It won't get to the Monster Association or Garou arc, so no.

It's going to be mere filling comedy oneoff episodes until the actual arc happens.

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Can we get a Cardcaptor Sakura thread?
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No, fuck off.
post the teeth girl

or your mother will dye in her sleep

her hair, that is.
I never watched the movies.

Just marathoned it, let's talk about it.
Also fuck this ending.
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This is a really bizarre timing. I just started watching it earlier today and finished episode 7. Wish me luck dude. Seems good so far.
It's a bit of an intentionally vague pseudo mindfuck and if I'm honest i felt let down by both the ending and the middle. The beginning is promising enough to make you want to see it through.
I wish I had taken it slower. It's really a slow burn type anime. Anyway people are always watching old anime here so there's nothing weird about it, only fags watch the neo-/a/ shit.
the visuals look blamd, characters are boring, germans speak japanese, german politicians are american and everything is too long winded
Whats there to enjoy exactly?

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It's easy to talk about the overrated, but what about the overhated? Show some appreciation for the all the animes that receives way more flack than they deserve!
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>being this new
No such thing
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What the fuck Murata is doing.......?
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I think he just really likes big monsters

Meet Season 2 Boss, I can see this guy having another transformation that puts him around Meteor Burst Boros.
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>Murata is sacrificing all the preparation of the best arc of the series for a stupid Season 2

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Who was your first ever anime crush, /a/?
Doesn't necessarily have to be your waifu.
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>tfw staying up all night watching a marathon of Betterman on Tech tv while fapping to those huge Hinoki tits.

Good times
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She made me a lolicon.
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It feels like I watched this a lifetime ago.

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Who was the target audience for this show
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This is a Russian 15 year old.
No seriously though, what the fuck?
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It's more realistic than other depictions of other 15 year old women in anime.

Also, wasn't it a plot point that Hibito thought she was much older? Even in universe she looks older than she is.

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will you watch it?
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Yes. I've seen every other gundam series and I'm not about to stop now. Though the first season was pretty boring.
Pretty excited yes, glad they got a new animation director.

plus watching /m/ irrationally lose their shit will be entertaining again.
i'm not watching it, but i am watching things related to it, like threads
even jp reaction is amusing, plus there's the usual suit silliness

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Whats your opinion about this show ?
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It's literally my favorite anime
I rewatch it every year
it's really good, it gets boring, then ends strong.
The best episode was the one where he swam against the gym teacher
>Whats your opinion about
>opinion about
You are a complete idiot. Fuck off and learn proper english.

Are you ready for the return of yuri loli mecha?

Will we get another Kannazuki no Miko?
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Het is best though
I'm always ready.
They are not yuri, they are just friends.

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>Yuri on Ice
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>is yaoi
>yaoi on ice
meme of the year

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