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I want to sexually FUCK Kobeni.
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You can handle her fertile body?
I want to handle her fat butt in about a dozen different ways.


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Yeah that's a nice landscape
thats a damn nice boat

>oppai/pantsu shots every 30 seconds
>literally no romantic advancements of any kind of anything lewd beyond the aforementioned oppai/pantsu shots
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I really enjoyed it as a zombie show and I don't mind fan service but the is a real limit to how much you can shove into series before it damages it.
It's just a generic fanservice show with zombies.
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>no romantic advancements
>MC actually fucks best girl

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Where were you when Shinkai saved anime?
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at home waiting for torrent
At home waiting for BDs because I'm a hiki
watching some shitty text over screen dvd rip

what the fuck did I just watch
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Like clockwork
a masterpiece
Why does every eva thread almost always start with this?

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My wife Koito is so cute.
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That's my waifu
I'll fap to her later.
Is it necessary to "turn your brain off" to enjoy Phantom World?

How do you deside whether to watch the anime or read the manga? I read the manga most of the time but when I start a new show I always ask /a/ if I should watch the anime or read the manga. I just wanted to know how you guys deside.
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>I always ask /a/
Stop that.
thats why I made this thread to help me figure out how to do it on my own.
I watch the anime and read the manga simultaneously.

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Is this the best OP ever?
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Shakugan no Shana would like to have a word with you.
Could you speak up? I couldn't hear you over ITSUMADEMO ITSUMADEMO

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Left or Right, /a/?
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Megu was always my girlfriend

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What were they thinking?!
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I mean, the show got better at the end.
Whatever, I liked it.
Honestly could care less about the show, what I really want to know though is when the full OST is coming out.
Hai Yo is hype as fuck but jesus christ I need the full version of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqqd5jIz-gk

The scene where it played in episode 1 was the only good part of the episode, and fucking hell it TRULY felt Berserk-like. If the rest of the anime kept the perfect capturing of tone that one fucking 15 second scene did it would have been godly.

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light novels.jpg
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What's better,
Volume covers depicting j single character like Bleach's

Or covers depicting a clusterfuck of characters, making it a mess like One Piece's?
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It's not the cover that's important. You'll only see it for a few seconds anyway.
It's the back that matters. It'll stare at you from your bookshelf for years.
Single character.
Dunno but this is way better for Haganai.

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I'll start with him.
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This spunk skunk
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Rude. I'll have you know that FemSubaru is clean thank you very much.
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Heh. The artist doesn't help on keeping drawing her all sweaty, not that it's a problem.

I want to get into the LN should I pick up where the anime left off or read from the beginning? Its not like the anime skipped too much right?
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Considering the last part of s3 was totally new. Yea just start from #1 faggot.

Always better
The best thing would be starting from the beginning. But If you really want to skips some volumes then start from last chapter of vol.4 I think. It shows first effects of the truce they got. And keep in mind that Issei had his arm turn into real dragon arm with scales and shit and not just simple Boosted Gear appearing.
Read it with series OST as it's seriously good.
Season 3 beside like 3 first episodes went full "fuck logic and LN plot".
Wasn't there supposed to be a new sidestory out soon with Elmenhilde in it? Any news on that?

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Unusual manga/anime stylization/design that you like.

I'm searching for inspiration how not to draw bland overdone shit.

Can be anything from fanart to official art.

I like how angular but cute pic related looks.
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Kaiji gets a bad wrap from some. But I think this and Akagi have great designs.
>how not to draw bland overdone shit.
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>anime movie
>it's a recap
For what purpose
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The first cap broke.
usually only anime fans watch anime on tv. movies are more accessible to the general public

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