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>91 days is a realistic mafia show
>gets stabbed 3 fucking times by 2 guys, one from the front and back and on the arm
>has enough strength to kill them still
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>realistic show
>all that QUALITY
Del Toro bro. Because.
Adrenaline. There's your answer.

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This is your date for the night.
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>This is your date for the night
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No thanks, I'll take monkey, bee, spooky, or anyone else please.
why does she talk so much

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So they went to a mixed normal/ninja school up until 12 years old and then they just did Ninja shit from there on out?

There isn't even the option of college mentioned either. How do these kids function without higher Math, Writing, English and any other skill you learn in school?
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Same way the rest of America does.
Naruto is Hokage though which requires a shit load of paperwork. And how could Shikamaru be a genius other than tactics and chess.
The ninja magic does everyting

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Harem thread
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My Harem.jpg
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To Love-Ru should give more attention to these cakes.
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>attention to cakes.
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I want to fuck Tearju until my dick is bloody desu.
Mikado a best
Tearju is gross

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Alright, poll time. How many of you are planning on following the story along with the WN or the LN? How many of you are planning on just waiting for a while in case there's a second season? And if so, how long are you willing to wait?
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Knights Of ReZero.png
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People, please answer these two questions



>Implying anyone here has the patience and perseverance to not go spoil themselves on the whole thing

Link to the site


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Ghost Yomi.jpg
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Is there anything more lewd than a girl with big breasts and pantyhose?
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DFC, Fat ass and ZR.
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Would you let your son dress like this?
Please answer seriously.
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You already made this thread
Only if he sucked my cock first.
I'd rather have a daughter.

What do you like about Mushi-shi?
Please do not just say "comfy"
I havent watched it in a while but Ginko was a big part for me, I really liked him and thought he was super cool
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I like it because it's good, and interesting.
Literally "Reddit:The Anime"
Ginko is my self-insert and wish fulfillment guy.

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goku gohan.jpg
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Why is the DB fanbase so broken? They're almost sonic-level of disagreement about what the series is suppose to be.
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They haven't been getting their daily dose, that's all.
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doc shrek.jpg
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Because it's a bunch of children and manchildren.

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>forced animation
what does it mean?
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It's a forced meme.
It's when a lot of the budget are used on one scene in one episode or something like that. There's one Kannagi episode which is famous for it, that Yamakan decided if I remember correctly

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What's he been up to these days?
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Starring in Anno's Godzilla movie.

Apart from that, no-one knows.
What did he do in between Utena and Penguindrum?
Don't try to rush genius.

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That was unexpectedly good and the ending made me a bit sad
I also found it quite similar to Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky.

What does /a/ think of Nadia?

Evangelion is discussed endlessly on here, but I never see any threads on its predecessor.
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Really fun. Likable characters and good vibes, but Nadia could be a bitch sometimes.
The island arc was a mistake.
Yeah, Nadia was a real bitch to Jean at times.
>The island arc was a mistake
Why? It allowed for a lot of character development between the two of them. And Marie was fun.
Lasted too long, Nadia acted like even more of a bitch than usual with the whole vegan thing, generally just the same bit of drama stretched out to more episodes than necessary.

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2 more days!
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I want to fug the nug.
Fuck off.
end your pathetic life you worthless trash scumbag loser turbonerd dweeb

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