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Anno on Gundam (Origin vol 1):

>"I'm afraid the legacy of Gundam dwindled down to the mobile suits, in the form of plastic models as a business and military hobbyism. Even these mobile suits were summarized down to protagonist mecha, Gundam, so that friend and foe alike were all uniformly Gundams. One could say this was inevitable: the pivotal creation that made Gundam a classic and drives the franchise expansion to this day is, of course, the mobile suit, represented by the RX-78 Gundam, weapon bearing the elements of a character; and the way of the world is that characters are what ultimately remain with the audience. It's not a bad thing. I simply find it unfortunate that the Tale that enveloped the worldview and ideas on war presented in First Gundam ceased to function as anything more than device for the mobile suit fantasy."

Is he right?
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You're asking /a/ questions about Gundam expecting not retarded answers or something?
This is not /b/ tough. There are some ok people here
>Is he right?
I don't care if he's right, he sounds like an /a/non. He should make an account on 4chan and shitpost among us.

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I'm enjoying it.
I have never been so amused this year.
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Anime is the past: Puppime is the future!
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Did someone say swords?
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Are you ready for more lolis in swimsuits /a/?
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I liked the art style.
tight vaginas
the hell is this from ?

You get home and are ready to unwind. What are your go-to comfort shows that you can watch again and again?

Pic related for me, currently sick in bed and have this on the background. Playing the dub right now cause it's good quality and allows me to multi-task.
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>he actually watches new anime instead of just rewaching k-on over and over again
The first season of keion.
The first season of school rumble or the Sawachika episodes from S2 (15 to 17)
Dragon ball if it's on tv.
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>currently sick in bed and have this on the background. Playing the dub right now cause it's good quality and allows me to multi-task


Yeah hopefully you'll never recover and die.

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What's so special about Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu? The actual great plot, the superb direction? The characters?

What makes it so popular?
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So every anime ever? Fucking retard.
Like everything /a/ likes, it's popular because of waifubait.

Is it wrong to take baths with your sister?
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It's wrong not to take baths with your sister

Also wish the author didn't drop this
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5 (2).jpg
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They didn't drop it, shoujo have 1 tank series all the time.
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Holo is 100% one the best waifus to ever exist.
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Just imagine how many wolf dicks she had inside her.
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It doesn't need to be said.

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Why is Sakura so impossibly cute?
I swear to god no one should be allowed to be this cute, it should be outlawed and made illegal for the damage it does to my heart.
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>Why is Sakura so impossibly sexy?
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That's my daughter you're talking about
The crimes I would pay for just to have her for an hour.

Did he do it? Did he kill Angelo?
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Probably, but we never saw a body or blood so there's no telling for sure.
What do the pineapples mean?
terrible show

sweet death

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It was bad
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Is that Yokai Watch?
of course it was bad, it's a video game adaptation
the new pokemon looks dope

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Season 5 airing in less than 24 hours.

Who's excited?
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natsume sad.png
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>Season 5 airing in less than 24 hours.
Will this be a happier season than 4?
This is why San was the best.
4 was really good, but I still think the first season is the best because there were so many great and memorable youkai, and a lot of the episodes really hit me with a lot of emoition.

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What makes an anime "entry level"?
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Popularity and reception.
If I don't like it
If it's a gateway drug.

Where were you when Reina hit her growth spurt?
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When Koito became feminine?
Koito always been feminine
She was always feminine, she just wears a tie.

How will they beat Black?
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With bleach.
Power Levels.

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How do we kill Kyoani?
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We buy up all their BDs so they can't sell any more and go bankrupt.
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>Wanting to kill a well respectable studio with good animation.
But why.
I dont like any of their anime except for hyouka, cause damn did it look good. But Kyoani is one of the best studios in the industry and should get any support they need. Hopefully other studios will be able to adapt the same studio structure while keeping a identity of their own, Bones seems to be right on track.

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