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What does /a/ think of THICC girls?
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>We want the American audience
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Well, they got me.
The worst thing about porkchop will always be her face

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So Madoka now lives with her family again thanks to Homura. She can age now and soon drink with her mom. So what did Homura do wrong again and what happened with this dress non-god Madoka is wearing? will it ever make an appearance?
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Well, she is still half a Goddess.

So, she will eventually want to kill herself again.
Not really address anything with her actions, assume that her personal vendetta with QB superseded the world's well being. Assume that her one selfish desire had to be fulfilled at all costs regardless of what Madoka wants or thinks. Oh right, and basically make Madoka her little puppet that she can (barely) control.

Really, when Madoka gets her powers back... a bitch deserves to get slapped.
Witches make energy and Homura is more than witch, so the universe's entropy problem is now a non-issue.

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Just finished binge watching Haruhi.

Why for the love of all things decent wasn't I warned about the Endless Eight?

other than that it's a pretty solid "May look at the season 1 dvd or a wall scroll" out of 10.

what does /a/ think?
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>Why for the love of all things decent wasn't I warned about the Endless Eight?
I dunno man, it's not like /a/ has been raging endlessly about it for 7 years now you ignorant fuck
>Just binge watched the first episodr of Haruhi.




Why haven't you watched the comedy of the season yet?
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I like it. Daughter is cute.

Damn, so many shorts this season and I fucking love it.
We had a thread but it got archived fast.
This guy is Sugita, right?

Nobunaga no Shinobi also suffered the same fate. Fug

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What is the ideal amount of thigh gap?
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Those thighs are skeleton thighs.
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About this much.

Thin legs are justice.
None because I like big meaty thighs.

>MC who never kills because killing is bad tries to threaten someone with a gun/knife
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To be fair, there are a lot of things you can do with a gun or knife that don't actually kill anyone :)
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You should never point a knife at other people.
Is that a rule for civilized people? I thought that was only for guns

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The absolute madman finally did it.
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Whoa, not Yoruko but the immortal loli?

I can't believe it actually happened after all this time
I guess he finally decided to kill every male on the island.

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Is this a normal thing to say after you finished blowing a 15 year old boy?
Can we talk about this anime/manga? I finished it literally 2 minutes ago and i have to say, it is unfinished. No big deal right? Just finish the manga, i can't Lads, it's in Hiatus, for the past 7 (nana) years now.
Now some might say, it is not unfinished. You have to make your own endings for each characters. So obviously, nana has a solo carrier now...? Because she hasn't seen anyone in like, 6 years? Hachi doesn't seem very happy with takumi and still has feelings for nobu, or was it just a mutual moment of remembering nana and nothing to do about love between them? (the last scene in the bathroom).
In any case, what did you think about this show? What did you like about it? What did you hate about it?
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Saving this from the clutches of oblivion.

I also finished it recently. I'm glad I saved it after all these years. It's probably one of the best takes of normal 20yos, realistically speaking, fucking and screwing with each other. The majority of /a/ probably hates it due to all the melodrama (it's a fucking Josei), all the females are sluts and there's no BD remaster.
They are shitty people. I dont associate with people like that. The people in their 20s I know are responsible people who aren't so fickle. NaNa has whores
>The people in their 20s I know are responsible people who aren't so fickle.
Good for you. They're probably really boring people though.

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>writefaggotry thread
>anime focused
>Fanfiction game
>Improv shit i guess

Just kinda go with it, 1-5 line at a time i guess? I'll start.

Oreo girl walked out of the bathroom after taking a huge dump. 'MMMM' she thought, 'that was a great dump.'

She began walking down the hall towards class.
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Her cock exploded ferociously.
She fell forward screaming in orgasm. ”yes  yes oh yes it feels so goood”
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After recovering, she continued towards class. Suddenly, she was struck with a familiar feeling. "This is a shit thread" she said to herself. Upon entering she stated simply: check these dubs.

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Everyday until you like it
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A reminder that Manamifags are still crying?
Why, thank you.
but i like it right now
It's a good thing for that street abortion or she would have been in a lot of trouble with dad.

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Would /a/ love to be a succubus?
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Ah I remember that

>Clumsy succubus accidentally bodyswaps with a guy
>Guy eventually mindwipes her and leaves her in his body with no memory of who she was

Pretty fucked up
I would rather be a handsome/cute incubus that fucks girls but have extreme gay sex too
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Have you ever felt betrayed?
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Holy shit wrong tab, mod delete this.
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Not the most innovative console, but really great first-party titles (and I happen to play Smash 4 competitively so I'm on it a lot).

>>>/v/ though

>Set an Anime in WWII Europe
>Change the names of all the countries, but keep their geography the same

Why this?
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>Why this?
This series is a work of fiction. Any similarity to any person, event or country living or dead is merely coincidental. No nazis were harmed in the making of this anime.
Please support the official release.

>No nazis were harmed in the making of this anime

I'm pretty sure /pol/ is probably asshurt about the Nazis being the bad guys.
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the kidnappers were clearly undercover SAS

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ITT: Anime that your little sister made you watch
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I bet 10 bucks your sister is more fat than you

>anime you made your little sister watch
Neither of us are fat.

Why isn't OniAi a lovestory in a feudal folklore setting where MC is surrounded by cute demons trying to kill/rape/marry him?
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Why does she wear the mask?
Nobody cared who she gave erections to before she put on the mask.
Because she thinks she's ugly despite being the cutest girl in the series

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