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Who was the better Kira?
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I've suffered worse MCs than Jesus Yamato. But Yagami's manga was more enjoyable.
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Posting superior Kira.

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What time did she reach the park?
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>in a car
>question is about jogging
9:35 right? Please tell me I'm right and not retarded for spending way more time than I should have trying to solve this.
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Shisui a fucking cute. Also, Itachi's story is pretty good. They actually fight like semi real ninja for once.
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He was so gay for Itachi. To bad Itachi was straight and into that brown haired Uchiha girl.
Stop talking to yourself OP.

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This isn't funny anymore lads, where's the new chapter?
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Just let it go, stop thinking about it.
>Last update May 24, 2015


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not tumblr hontoni.jpg
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How is it possible to be this precious?

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what sub groups do you like?

no bully pls, I'm a /sp/artan trying to get more into animu
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Not Commie and gg.
All you really need to know is that Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Commiesubs are last resorts. Everything else needs to be judged on a case-by-case basis.

I just use HorribleSubs normally, is that ok? I think that, and OZC

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>tfw no wife to tenderly dominate me

feels bad man
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I don't know that feeling.
[spoiler/]My wife is totally submissive[/spoiler]
Welp, just fucking kill me.
>The show's main message is that life is shit if you aren't in a relationship

How bad did this trigger /a/ when it first came out?

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When will dbz super have some sad moments ?

there hasn't been any memorial sad moments
vegeta almost dying didnt effect me

when will dbz super focus on trunks getting his revenge against black and make it so sad by trunks dying and vegeta seeking vengance and vegeta ends up dying and goku transcends to god levels ?
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Sad moments in dbz
Goku saying goodbye in cell arc
Vegeta kamikaze
Thats it.

When you consider dragon ball super couldn't really add content until the tournament arc, we're about two years away.
It was sad when videl cut her hair.
but anon dbs already has sad moments

like anons thinking gohan is still relevant

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Name a comfier anime

I'll wait
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Flying witch
work safe request

What do you guys think about Blue Sub?

It's one of my favorite anime of all time. The CGI was admittedly shit, but the animation was good and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It might have been one of those "I watched it at just the right time of my life" things, but I love the fuck out of it. Anyone else like it or this just me?

Kino is still my waifu and Zorndyke is still my 100/10 best villain ever
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I actually just added this to my list of stuff to watch cause I remember seeing it as a wee lad and remember it gave me hella feels.
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Zorndyke dindu nuffin
It was pretty cool. I wish there had been more to it though, if only to flesh out the characters more.

>at least 365 days left until s2

What will you do in the meantime, /newgame/?
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Work on my Nene shrine.
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wait for subs for the new new gam

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Is this how you live, /a/?
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more or less, except I keep my apartment clean. It used to look like that though

I've never understood rooms like these. Like, who the fuck manages to get up enough motivation to clean their room, shove all their trash in to bags and tie them up, but then not even bother to take them outside? Do they just miss trash day for months at a time?
Nah I like to keep my room clean. I live with my mom now after several years of living alone and i clean all the time. I vacuum a lot because my dog sheds, and I generally hate clutter. Cleaning also gives me something to focus on, so for an hour or so I can stave off the crushing horror I feel over wasting my life and making so many bad choices.

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1. Hyouka
2. K-On!!
3. Nichijou
4. Hibike! Euphonium
5. Violet Evergarden (estimated)

1. Koe no Katachi (estimated)
2. Tamako Love Story
3. K-On! The Movie
4. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
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1. Hyouka
2. K-On!!
3. Nichijou
4. Violet Evergarden (estimated)
5. Hibike

1. Koe no Katachi (estimated)
2. Tamako Love Story
3. K-On! Movie
4. Disappearance
5. Mirai-hen
Take Hibike off the list. It's shit (at least compared to their other works) visually, and the writing is most definitely melodramatic horse shit. Also they force the yuri way too hard when it's clearly supposed to be hetshit.

I'd also put Disappearance at the top of the movies. K-On is the only one that really rivals it. TLS was good but it was just what the series should have been in the first place.
Please I'm usually a shaftfag and this show is not that melodramatic. Especially compared to A1 or the last episode of

Are they gonna bang?
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Do not fist the robots
That's racist.
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I like to keep my dick intact

What does /a/ think about this?
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>Chink anime
It's fucking disgusting. Why the fuck are japs animating chink stuff? this is the worst fucking season of the decade
I like it. Only picked up two shows as of now for the season and this is one of them
It is another stupid show, just that.

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