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does someone know the name of this girl?
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meme hair lesbian
Where's the proof?
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is this the same girl?

Kill la kill was one of the best animes ive seen in a while that was the sadest ending when senketsu left ryuko any one feels the same?
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>dumb esl poster
lurk for 2 years before posting
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Yeah that was a really sad ending
Tears were shed rip the dream

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Anime that only you watched
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I wish that were true, but I also experienced that trash.
the anime adaption was shit
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i really wasn't expecting this to actually be so good. i thought it was just a meme.
so many references, and so many of them perfectly pulled off. you never feel like you're being beaten about the head by them.
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>i really wasn't expecting this to actually be so good
>not expecting an anime about cute girls involved in ww2 tank warfare meets initial d/rift to be god tier
it sounds like a meme though. and while it is a meme, it's also fucking amazing on a non-memetic level. had me wearing a shit-eating grin from start to finish, and was actually kind of heart-warming.
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Anzio Lupin.jpg
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Don't listen to idiots OP, watch whatever you want and you're bound to run into gems like this one.

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And why is it Umaru?
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Never watched the show but as far as I've heard it's just her demanding shit from her brother the whole series right?

Should I watch this. Or is it as shit as i've heard.
Because she has the worst fanbase ever
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Sorry, but it's Konata.
If you don't know why, consider yourself blessed.

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anime is saved.webm
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Where were you when MAPPA saved anime?
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Right here.
Yaoi bait is too forced

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Some of us want to forget ;_;.
i want to fuck the cousin

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Are we entering the age of healthy fanservice?
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Obesity isn't healthy.
I blame Americans
This one is so good and THICC

So he was definitely gay, right?
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you did watch the whole show right?
yeah, and he's indeed gay
That part where he was licking tears had me kinda grossed out.

Also, I really dislike the sound of his VA. He's in everything, acting all different ages, but he just sounds boring.

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>this is Boa Hancock
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Painted over images made into anime characters almost always looks strange
Is that a boy?
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Why is she so completely perfect?

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>show has a loli
> loli gets fanservice
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English words badly pronounced

Horrible endings

When a character goes crazy because of boobs or ass. Holy shit they are just boobs no need to act like adhd child who overdosed on sugar.

Cliches where characters clash into each other and the guy has his eyes closed a few seconds before he opens his eyes and realises that he is grabbing on a boob or something. And everyone freaks out even though everyone saw that it was a mistake

When the MC is needlessly called a pervert even through all evidence and logic dictates otherwise.

Copy-paste characters “Big boobed pink hair girl” “quiet flat chest girl” “happy pervert school newspaper girl” and shit like that. So rare a show ends up being good with any of these personalities in them.
>show has a loli
>loli doesn't get fanservice
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you are not people.jpg
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You're literally what is killing /a/, OP.
You are nothing but a human trash and a waste of oxygen
Please do not consider suicide, actually please do it and you will do a big favour to everyone in this board

I hope i never see you again not only on this board but on this site and this world

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Lelouch, based on how poorly you did with the power of the Geass, I have to conclude that your claim in episode one that you were going to conquer the world no matter what, but this "just made it easier" is a total fucking lie you goddamned retard.
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And who was dumber, Lelouch or Light yagami?
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nutted but she still suckin.jpg
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yeah but someone taking over the world in a cautious and sensible fashion would've been boring to watch
There were so many ways to get around the trap at the end it's ridiculous and capital punishment has never been an effective deterrent for crimes of passion and poverty so his goal was unattainable.
Also he never tapped Misa. What an idiot.

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It's almost been 5 years since Christmas was ruined. You haven't forgotten have you?
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That's wrong, it's been almost 6 years.
that was hot incest
It was so out of the blue it took me by surprise to be honest. Still it was pretty hot.

the courage to admit that every installment just gets better and better
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the courage to post more snail pictures
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the courage to rape your sister in the bathroom
But she said it was okay.

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How do we fix this train wreck?

I don't think GodAni can ever overcome their cursed second season.
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But it was good.
I think we should make more threads where we pretend to be haters hating on KyoAni-shows, my fellow KyoAni-bros.
It wasn't that bad.

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