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When will Angela get a TV series?
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Whenever I figure out why she's named like that
I just want them to animate the sequel
3D pig disgusting.

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is it possible to settle with one waifu forever ?

literally impossible for me
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>/a/ complains about other girls being sluts
>/a/nons are the sluttiest of them all
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>shit taste
>multiple waifus
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Shizuku better

>Ghost slut
I don't know

Already taken

She wants the coconuts

Ghostslut best option

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pure sex.jpg
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Is this the perfect body type?
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>beanpole with tits

meh her design is still nice though
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DFC loli is most perfect.

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Can you believe there are people on /a/ right now that are voting for someone other than Pen Pen?
As long as votes are going for Megumi Hayashibara it's all fine
If Gendo was replaced with Pen Prn , would the series change dramatically? From what I recall there was only like two times Gendo did something besides sit and stare.

Look at this space bimbo!
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What makes her "space"?
she's from space!

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You can only have one
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Shana has nicer doujins.
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No Nagi?

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Who is the smuggest anime girl ever?
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It's a tough competition
Holy shit /thread.

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Why has no one picked up Stella no Mahou? Not even normieroll
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Shitty new game ripoff
It's a week delay on Daisuki. Do your homework next time.
>failing for the bait
Why do i keep coming to this shit hole?

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Why did mikos die out? Why don't we see them anymore?
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They're still pretty popular in porn.
>Why don't we see them anymore?
Literally a couple of seasons back there was a miko anime.
Also what the fuck is wrong with the text captcha?
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You obviously don't watch enough anime or read that much manga if you think that.

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Did this show connect with you on a strong emotional level?
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I've only seen the movie and once at that. I didn't really care for it.
Yes because I am a trans am and nothing can suppress my tranny.
The Juri episodes wrecked me.

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Gon raped this.
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lucky bastard
That's a man.
Yeah, he busted that pussycat.

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My dorm-mate keeps gushing on about how good this is. He thinks it has good "character development". I've never watched FT but I have heavy doubts over my friend's taste in anime; he considers SAO a well-written series. He's a pleb who only watches beginner's rubbish.
tl;dr Is Fairy Tail worth watching or should I lie to him about watching it just to shut him up?
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It's shit. You should poo on his bed to let him know what he's worth.
You should watch it and form your opinion.

Honestly I can't find any reason to like it besides the hot girls and fan service. Everything else about it is mediocre.
Kill your roommate for having shit taste, then yourself for blogposting

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>mfw this fall is the best season in years
>mfw /a/ is still in the shittiest state since forever

I wish I could become a magical girl and change this shitty board
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literally 52 shows on my might watch list
granted, some of them are shorts
but how on earth will i get through this

compared to the change that other boards (namely /g/) have gone through, /a/ really isn't that bad actually
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QB a QT.jpg
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Say no more
Years is an overstatement but the past 3 seasons have been really bad, full of shitty adaptations and genre fanservice anime. Fall so far has been refreshing.

Post deep symbolism in Anime
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Reminds me of this.

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