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Alright you fucking weebs. I decided to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion since everyone and their mother was fucking praising it as the best thing to come out of Japan. So I watched the show and then the ending movie, as everyone said I should do. What in the actual fuck happened? Can someone explain that to me? What the fuck am I supposed to take away from all of this?

>tl;dr this show is convoluted, please spoonfeed me the message behind it
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It's honestly Anno's worst directed work.

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Moe is ______.
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Luffy vs Lucci.png
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Post the best fight from their respective series.

I will never be unable to get over how amazing this fight was.
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But Luffy vs Bruno was better
Luffy vs Lucci is by far the best fight
Luffy just trashed Blueno after use Gear 2. Against Lucci, he have put Gear 3, and even that was not enought for end the fight.

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I don't get it.

Can someone explain this animeme to me?
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Delicious foods & dank shit.
relaxing after a hard day work by enjoying good food and booze (in moderation). of course you would have a hard time relating to this anon since you spend all day in your mom's basement, and gorge yourself on cheetos, mcdonalds, chicken tendies and other shit junk food so you have neither an appreciation for the value of well earned respite nor of good quality food.
>(in moderation)
that explains why it doesn't click with me

Would you FUCK a Raimu-Senpai?
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Helmet on.
I don't know, I bet her pussy smells like rotten fish.
I crashed my bike last month at 90mph on Bear Mountain during a group ride and live to shitpost about it.

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Mayoiga chapter 23
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This show is legit flawless, go on try and find a flaw faggot.
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It flopped.
Needed more doujins of that one best friend that always tagged along.
Too much filler.
Beard episode was genius though.

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he is right all along.
this season is nothing but trash.
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>this season
>this season is nothing but trash
I wish people stopped posting that at the beginning of every single season only to start telling everyone about the new anime of the century airing this season two weeks later.
It's alright; they just forget about it a month later.

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>/a/ loves NTR
>/a/ hates cucks
Explain this.
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They're two different things, faggot.
>doesn't self-insert as the girl
that's why you don't understand
I hate both, and that image is neither, so I don't know what you're saying.

What manga's would you all consider masterpieces?
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berserk and slam dunk.
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So a manga with a good story, good characters, good art and a good ending?
I don't know

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For me it's Yui. Intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor.
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Pick one
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Hello newfriend
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Yui is smart.

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How much anime have you watched today?
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I only read manga, nerd.
I rewatched that Ghibli movie about child labour

Couldn't help but feel that Aria "drew" a lot from it. Also I'm pretty sure the festival theme from Chrono Trigger ripped off the town theme of this movie
>calls others nerds

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Why was Tamers so good?
>Digimon will never get a series with the budget and great animation of something like Pokemon XYZ
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Because it wasnt
shit digital world that is all desert
total shit final boss that is defeated in a very stupid way
boring ass adults getting so much screentime
Ryo and dobermon why do you even exist

Its as best just ok
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I felt the series went downhill when they started to focus on this bitch.

Suddenly the entire rest of the series focused on cheering up this girl
the boys that get guardromon and pinkblobmon get shoved aside that made me so fucking mad
Specially when its proven that pinkshitmon is immune to the final boss shit WHY DONT YOU USE HER TO DO USEFUL SHIT OH NO HERE COMES RYO GOTTA SAVE SREENTIME FOR HIM


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fucking dropped if they keep this up
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The fuck? did you drop Hellsing too? know what, I don't even care. Go suck a lemon.
>not liking the Hirano comedy bits
I hope the door hits your ass on the way out.
what the fuck is this?

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Is Western music making anime better?

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I dunno but Azusa is pretty cute!
I dunno, but on the other hand it makes me laugh whenever Japanese singers try to pronounce English words.

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