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If you have a autistic daugther like tomoko
what would you do?
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Beat her
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The only thing autistic here is that you make bait this bad.
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How cruel are you!

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OST of the season? OST of the season.
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Yoichi's design reminds me a lot of Samurai Warriors Ranmaru. And judging from the last thread, I can't wait how the reaction is going to be like when the dwarves try to fix Toyohisa's Katana
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Why is he so pretty?
Izetta: the last witch also have a pretty strong OST.

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Boku no Pico - Cinegrid.jpg
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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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How much value do you put into ochinchin direction?

This ratio is perfect.

anon the studio did everything perfect, even the genitals and cum were drawn well. They just couldn't into drawing thick, they were always anorexic

ITT: anime only you enjoyed.
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If you can find it in a recommendation image, you probably shouldn't post it.
Just make a fucking thread for the show if you want to talk about it.

12 Kingdoms was a great show until the 5 or 6 episodes.

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Why does no one talk about this show anymore?
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I don't think anybody has ever talked about this show before.
Because it was shit.
It was boring. I even dropped it around episode 7.

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With most of the fall anime having already aired their first episode this season, what shows do you think will still maintain weekly threads, and which ones do you think are gonna fall off the face of the earth in terms of discussion on /a/ a few weeks from now?
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I'm really liking Drifters. Hope it has staying power.
Drifters is definitely here to stay because it's topping the charts in BD sales right now.
Weekly threads: Hibike, Drifters, Keijo!!!!!!

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who wants to watch the whole onepiece series with me
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make it so
I'll do it. How do you wanna organize this?
One of my favorite manga never watched through the show though

excuse me Madhouse wtf r u doing?
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A lot of fujo shows do stuff like this. It's so you can see the cute boys.
>Madhouse wtf r u doing?
Something gay, no doubt.

Also, stop typing like a retard.
I only remember this shit happening in H-game CGs

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left or right.jpg
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Would you Oyakodon?
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I want to foil La Foila.
Himeragi a shit.
Threadly reminder.
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Would strike the best blood.

yo wtf is up with the reception of this show, it's either "dis show is terribad" or "Dis da bes show of da animay season"

Just finished watching it, felt like it had it's ups and downs, like some episodes sucked, some episodes were pretty great. episode 15 was great, and although the show slumped at times, got a bit tedious, but I felt like it redeemed itself enough for it to be good.

i'm just lost on how people think it's "da best" and people who think it's "godawful".
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i want a demon maid
Kill yourself. There's other shows that are currently airing. Go shit on other shows and stigmatize that other than false-flagging. Fuck you. I repeat. Fuck you. End your miserable excuse of an existance.
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ay man is drammlr lert.png
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what did he mean by this?

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Please describe this child
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shouldn't have cut her hair
very sexual
Makes me feel funny in my pants. What is this sorcery?

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Are you ready for the next major big hit of the industry?
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What is this ugly trace?
Eagerly awaiting this.

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has /a/ decided yet which popular anime it's going to shit on this season?
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Flip Flappers
Flip Flappers
Flap Flippers

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ITT girls that canonically prefer anal
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so basically just canon sluts and whores?

you're mom

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>Chimera ant arc

why did Hunter x Hunter turn into Inuyasha?
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>why did Hunter x Hunter turn into Inuyasha?
hell if it got that much better i might have to pick it up again.
Because human enemies was getting samey.
Because its a neat idea to explain why a great deal of things that want to fight the MC that have human emotions but inherently barbaric and animalistic tendencies gain power similar or on par with humans but eventually far far greater of such. This is absolutely perfect for a shounen because its about fighting things stronger than you who have a justified reason for causing trouble and who may be impossible to reason with even if there is some redeemable qualities. They also pose a very significant threat, but are likeable, as good shounen villains often are. One of the best things about HxH is from the troupe to these guys there are rarely any characters written for you to hate 100%, save maybe Genthru, who even after is somewhat redeemed.

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