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Anyone want to talk Aim for the Ace?
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I do love card games.

What is there to talk about?

Is the coach dead?

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Anyone looking forward to this?
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Yes, looks interesting

This is the face of man who has come to love breasts of all shapes and sizes.

Funny how it took him a season to finally hit puberty.
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bubuki buranki1.png
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They're trying to sink my ship. Dunno how I feel about that just yet.
So has imouto just been hanging out in Taiwan with her boy toys?
Looks like she was in the bubuki user school/prison.

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>Almost got killed by Lancer like a cattle in the first episode
>Had no magical training because his father wouldn't teach him magic but still manages to outskill heroes
>Manages to beat the King of Heroes just because "he wasn't taking the battle seriously"

Shirofags desperately trying to defend their Gary Stu
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Fate isn't DBZ powerlevels. The Shirou who beat Gil would still get wrecked by Lancer.
iirc, he was a martial arts fag who did well in kendo and archery. That should earn him some points
Enough to defeat Gil?
Well either everyone else Gil fought against was an imbecile or Shiro is very mary sue.

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>this is anime is 1995

Are we becoming retarded?
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I truly want season 2
Is this your idea of a bait thread, OP?
Mod senpai

what are you doing?

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>I can't drink that; I'm a minor!
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they literally can't show that on TV
What's the issue?
It is just rice juice.

I have /a/ question. To preface I've lately been trying to be more critical about things I like, not being a cynical cunt but just learning about what is good and why it is such.

So, when it came to good writing I can't really get a good grasp on that. Obviously story itself needs to be interesting, have something that would make you invested in it be it mystery, tension or suspense but when it comes to theme I'm not as certain.

What is the value of a theme? A lot of stories, anime or not usually have something simple revenge, discrimination, growing up. I think pretty much everything has been either explored to sufficient degree at this point or is already obvious to anyone to have any value like balance between order and chaos, injustice, war. When a theme is already well explored is any work in particular doing a decent job of it a plus or what?
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There are objective values like animation quality, and the plot's adherence to its own canon, and there are subjective values.
Trying to attach objective measurements to the latter is inevitably going to result in failure.
Believing in these "objectified" subjective values makes you look either stupid or pretentious.
Which would you prefer?
I'm not trying to make it an objective thing. I think it's a given that something like a theme and its satisfaction is pretty much entirely subjective. My question is more about what people find or ask from themes that would make them say it's good.

Can we have a current season QUALITY thread
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There's a monster hunter anime? Is the kid running a rathalos ruby farm?

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What's his problem?
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He has a cat. No wonder he is retarded.
He has a cat? Truly best boy.
Birds>mammals though

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I'll start
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Literally every single moe SoL character ever without exception, but the sluttiest semen drenched whores of them all have to be these two. They do the lesbo gimmick thing where they warm eachother up at first, then like clockwork, here comes in ten pixelated cocks to utterly ruin their every orifice.
And then at the end they share a tender kiss, but there's so much sperm of complete strangers on their faces that it leaves a cumstring hanging between their lips.
She already started off in a cosplay cafe during highschool. She probably took some loads on her knees for extra money too.

What's that anime which was so fucking atrocious it made you drop watching anime as a hobby for a while? I still haven't recovered after watching just a few episodes of this one 3 weeks ago.
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You're favorite anime.
dokuro-chan is a fukken masterpiece you wiener

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I like girls that are better drawn.
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[x] girls in track suits
Bottom imouto was best girl, so I'll go with her.

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What are some good moments where side characters, especially joke ones, get a chance to shine?
Not just talking fights either.
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Naruto doesn't have good moments.
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let the yams in.webm
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Is he staring at that dudes arse?

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BD rips where?
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File: snapshot20161007122433.jpg (449KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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over there
Asuha wasn't that small.
File: snapshot20161007125234.jpg (214KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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awesome! The 20 seconds of stills is still there.

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here's a challenge for you
name a better cyberpunk anime than GitS
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I have a challenge for you.
Learn to employ punctuation.
Just kidding.
Gun Gale Online.

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