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Why is it that every time we have a FMA thread it devolves into a stupid gender debate? Can't we just say that women and men are capable of writing good stories and characters at the end of the day and neither of the genders are inherently superior or inferior to each other?
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>Why is it that every time we have a FMA thread it devolves into a stupid gender debate?

just because one thread? Jesus...
You're a girl aren't you?
Let's debate which is better between the first anime or brotherhood instead.

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How can she be so perfect?
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Why is she so fat?
Tall fashionable wife is the best.

Why doesn't /a/ talk about this masterpiece?
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Keep your /tv/ memes away from the good classics.
But I think it really called for a bravo for dezaki. I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.
Because /a/ doesnt watch anime.

Is this the Holy Original Anime Trinity of Fall 2016?
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Any show that fans call a "deconstruction of the genre" is automatically shit.

Prove I'm wrong.
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>Prove I'm wrong.
That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.
stop shitposting, bathhouse owner
The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.


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Go, Angelamon!
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Oh god I think I remember that fucking show with the weird faces.
wtf is this shit?

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Am I the only one who found this anime unironically beautiful with an amazing intro and ending theme?
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Second greatest love story ever told.
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I realize what you're trying to do but I'm being serious. This anime is truly beautiful and I actually enjoyed it fully.
I get you, OP. YnS is, so far, the only romance anime I've loved.

Sora best girl.

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Is there anything more adorable and precious than childhood friends?
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That's a imouto though.

Are you watching the most aesthetic show this season?
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Sorry, can't see anything past all this hype and whining.
I guess not OP considering I have no idea what this is!
What's all the whining about?

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>3DS game
>No season 2

Fuck my life.
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There are better anime to watch.
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Still missing this precious Hoina.

But the true reason I made this thread is because of this


How do you feel now that Hayate has taken our precious daughteru?
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Can't we please just pretend this anime never happened?

Why has my captcha been "calle" for the past hour?
This was the first Macross I got to watch as it was coming out, and it all ended up in disappointment.
Every artist should draw vanilla doujin like this including rune kissing.
I can't fucking wait for Messer Mirage Makina Mikumo Sieggy Immelmann Wion in next Macross.

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She deserved to win! She's the right choice!! THE RIGHT CHOICE!!!
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Fuck off back to /pol/. /a/ isn't that homogeneous in its leanings.
>always dying
>kids die


>career effects your life
>can beat you up

>no social skills
go away kbz

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Why is Jun the best and cutest Keion of them all?
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I want to POUND Jun.
She's actually a boring irrelevant memehair girl for hipsters.
I want to slap her cute butt

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a good girl
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Mai waifu. If you marry her you also get Ferris as your sex slave so she's de best waifuru
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Crusch is neither weak nor helpless nor incompetent. She's pretty much a honorary man who can't write her own name in the snow.
Are you going to vote for her to become the new ruler?

The site is up but, when trying to add some new shows to my RSS feed program I'm getting a Service Temporarily Unavailable error. Is anyone else getting this when they've tried to add Nyaa RSS feeds today? And if I'm the only one what does it mean?
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go ruin anime somewhere else, CrunchyRoll
There's something really weird going on there.
I just had a lot of trouble connecting because they seem to have some sort of new system.

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