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Hey /a/ I just started watching Himouto! Umaru-chan but the website i'm on only has 12 episodes. Are there only 12 episodes? Thanks for the help
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Yes, but don't worry, the second season is coming soon
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Yes. There's also the Umaru-ChanS shorts. I don't know were to get them but most of them are scattered around YouTube.
This show is proof that not fucking your mom leads to mental illness.

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This is a japanese masterpiece.
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Rem is indeed a masterpiece.
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This is a masterpiece Japanese
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This is a Japanese kino.

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Ren-chon is the smuggest biyori
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Her sister is smugger.
You get to be smug when your name ain't on the war memorial
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You're gonna buy my game, right, /-
I mean, /a/?
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also, wouldn't it be funny if that game ended up flopping?
kill yourself

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Are SHAFT the biggest geniuses in the whole anime industry, or are they just a bunch of overrated hacks that pander to fat otaku?
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Why do you keep making this thread? Is your life really so boring that you have to keep making it every week and want to read the same answers that have been repeated over and over again?

Are you like those normal angry bitter men who hang out in pubs drinking beer and complaining all the time about politics and sports and their life before they return to their wives, have uneventful sex if at all, and then repeat their daily routines?

Are you already ded inside?

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Did you enjoy it? Who was the best girl?
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Hajime and Ko sensei

Was a pretty fun ride, nothing mind shattering. Strong 6 to a light 7.
Hajime was best girl.

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Yuri love will save (not)Europe from the (not)Nazis!
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So how long before not-US just nukes the entire place and declare victory?
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Remove Germs
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That would mean the show the pacific front side of the war. And that wont be a thing... Just cute lesbians and (not)Nazis

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Is this the most perfect anime of the 2010's so far?
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i really cant think of anything that tops it. it was as close to perfect as a SOL can get, and i don't even like SOL

also, my wife Aoi makes such cute faces
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Ping Pong was better
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my wife is smug

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>Table Tennis
>Butt fighter

What's with all the influx of sports anime this season?
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Sweaty mandrama is not a sport.
There's also tennis, ice skating, volleyball and cycling this season too.
There's usually a bunch of sports anime each season

Just no-one watches it except fujos

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Why is she so perfect?
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Because tall muscular psyhopath.
I love her too.
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I can't imagine that fucking someone who looks like a child did much to help Ryuuji's reputation as a scary creep.
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at that point, Ryuuji's reputation as a thug was pretty much gone
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>hey i like you but i wont tell you that, so ill just mope around like a bitch

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Thoughts on Black Clover up to recent chapters? I barely see any threads on this manga
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It's always top 3 in WSJ rankings
Because its only slightly better than fairytail, not that it means much
instead of comparing to other series, talk about the actual series ffs. It's always like this whenever Black Clover is mentioned.

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>you will never receive a footjob or an assjob from Yukiko in her pantyhose
Why even live?
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Yeah, why don't you kill yourself?
But I don't think I can fit into her pantyhose
reminder p5 sucks and p4 is still king.

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Hiro sold you out /a/. You're mine for the night.
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Gambino attacked Guts because he was mad his lover Donovan cheated on him with his adopted son and not to mention got him killed. Discuss.
Gambino approved though.
That was a lie to make Guts get mad at his own father instead of him. Unfortunately it didn't work out so well in the end.

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