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Weekend's here, let's party the night away! Post gif/webm of dancing animu grills

It's time again to listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our fine crew of little DJ girls!

Link is in the pastebin

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cirno backa.jpg
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so many 9s

ONE is a better artist than araki
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ONE is a better artist than Miura
>tumblr filename
>tumblr filename
I didn't realize the cancer was this bad.

My opinion is valid on this board.
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>has completed a show
you're already elite in here
Valid isn't 4chan. All we do is bait and shitpost.

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Whats inside the vending machine?

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some plastic bullshit made in china
where do i get those rare gomens?

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Where do they keep the ping pong balls?
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It's a woman's secret.
Why do they call her Munemune?
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>leave keijo to me

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Halfway into the series.... is this basically corrupt a wish the manga?
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If you wanna talk about it, tell us more.
its pretty good
So it's a Madoka copycat?

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I'm currently 121 episodes into DBZ. I've skipped all the filler so far and have been enjoying it. But would have I been better off just watching Kai?
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IMO, Kai is better for the most part.
Should I switch to Kai or just keep going with Z?
kai is definitely not better. He just has PTSD from watching all the filler moments in fights and hearing "Find out next time on...". When you cam just binge it it's not that bad.

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>The Yuru's Va's are out having dinner together

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One of them finally got pregnant?
Which character does the gremlin on the bottom right play?
But they hang out and do live events together all the time.

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>has some secret bullshit in his right hand which is never ever thoroughly explained for more than a decade
>keeps it unknown so the author can bullshit any situation and say it was due to that dumb ass secret
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canceling out fuck boy powers and taking them on a fist fight stops the power level problem
Index sucks. I still can't believe people on /a/ read it. Kamachi has has no clue about Christianity, hasn't done his research on physics, chemistry, biology etc, and clearly has no understanding of human relationships. The fact that people give it the light of day baffles me most. Yeah, it's terrible. Why do you continue reading something you knew from the very summary that the author was a hack akin to Kawahara?

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Bro Thread

Only true bros allowed
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What at all did she do that was remotely broish
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That's a girl anon

How do I watch Naruto as a Christian?

On one hand Naruto always believes in his friends.

On the other hands, you have bad shinobi like Orochimaru who are literally snakes which are evil since that's the form of the devil in Genesis. I would imagine that shinobi that stay away from genjutsu and ninjutsu would be okay since taijutsu is purely hand to hand combat. I guess that would make Rock Lee the most holy of ninjas.
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uh, wut
you just you know, press play
You shouldnt watch cartoons or tv on General as a christ.
not anime, faggot

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The patrician's choice.
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>not Yui
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Why the fuck do people even like misato? She is literally Kaji's cumrag.
Wait, Thats not Rei/Asuka

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>OP/ED is sung by the main cast
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Those are the worst though
Fuck off.
All three seasons of Working were great.


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kkn yuuka history.jpg
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Did anyone else pop a boner reading this?
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I have to wonder if there are any case's of this "family rituals" and stuff peaked my interest as i am replaying fatal frame 2 for halloween. and this is sort of related.
I like my girls broken
I hope her adopted lion brother eats you.

So, was that impregnation?
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Okay let's take a look at some of the main Fate characters and their personalities and reasonings

>Fucking survivor guilty given human form
>Get slapped by every cast member about following an ideal that's not his own and will probably get him killed
>Gets to see first hand what he'll turn into by continuing to live that way and still says fuck it and keep going
>That or he has to give up everything he believes in for the person he loves

>Never had a real life to speak of
>Gave up everything to protect her people, only to get backstabbed by the same
>Even after getting fucked sideways by then, she still blames herself for their actions, and is doomed to eternally search for the grail trying to fix a mistake she didn't make.

>Given away like a toy by the people that were supposed to protect her.
>Fucking tortured and trained since childhood to become a monster.
>Hides all of it behind a happy smile because she doesn't want others to be sad

>Only exists to serve as a mana box
>Only knew what it was like being loved for a few years before her parents fucking gone off to die.
>Then got tricked into thinking they didn't even love her in the first place so now shes on revenge quest shit she can't actually achieve since they're both dead.
>The only person she can actually get revenge on is also the only person who shows her some love.

>Daddy died so I have to become strong magi

Tell me why would anyone like that shallow bipolar slutty rehash of Azaka.
Have you been through the source material? She's not my waifu but -- wait... "like?" No shit I like her she's bro-tier as fuck and is literally 11/10 hot, smart enough to hold high quality conversation and unlike most women actually has a clear goal for her life. I'm not even a big fsn fan since moving on to other things but I honestly have a hard time thinking of a better best friend possible.
>Younger have to train as a magus in the name of her family
>shut herself from other during 10years to succesfully achieve her goal
>Shirou is the very first one who have similitude with her
>Dificulty to show her emotion, and still work hard for her sister
>Given to kotomine

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