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"The enemies are normies... normies are _________"
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"who cares, maybe I should stop being such an autist and grow up"
"pretty decent people honestly. It's time to let go of my childish hatred."

I'll get you back for this one day, Anonymous!

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Which Saekano would you go on a sleepover with?
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Which one plays the most video games?
Pic source?
Special tapestry for the LN publisher's event.

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I just wanted to read a funny manga and laugh. And I just got sad.
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for how ahitty it was? yeah, I know that feel.
nice meme
topkek m8

How do you college kids watch anime on college internet?
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Requests go on >>>/wsr/.
Through the regular means.
By dropping out.

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Would you watch an entirely new Dragon Ball story starring a cute female saiyan?
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No, because nips are sexist as fuck so they'd make it into a precure knock-off rather than Dragon Ball.
Hell yeah. I'm tired of Goku and the current cast, this would make me care about DB again.

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This is worst season in living memory.
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So said every Anon of every season ever.
we already know, stop making this threads
I bet you're only watching Hibitrash too.

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Why are brownies always the best girl in their series?
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Like her
Brown Knees.

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Guys, I had a realization.

It's fucking crazy. Hear me out.

What if... Hear me out.

What if KyoAni made an actually good anime, original or otherwise, instead of keeping on adapting shitty light novels and manga.

Imagine KyoAni's animation talent being used for something worthwhile.

Fucking crazy, ain't that right? Haha
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I didn't finish reading your post.
>instead of keeping on adapting shitty light novels and manga
Like Hibike right now?
It'll never happen.

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>her daughter is better
>It's Lawrence's wife's daughter
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I want to cuddle holo

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Im so confused with this shit.

Can someone break down who black and zamasu are? How can black be zamasu after trading bodied with goku when goku was already dead? If zamasu traded bodies with goku why is there another zamasu? WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?
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Being the strong and virtuous soul that he is, Goku has a "body" in the afterlife. Otherwise, training on King Kai's planet wouldn't have meant anything at all, would it have?
There are three zamasu's at work here.

1) Present zamasu
2) Future Trunks timeline zamasu
3) Some other timeline zamasu

Present zamasu was killed by beerus.
Future trunks timeline zamasu is the zamasu with the immortal body
Some other timeline zamasu was a zamasu from a world where goku didn't have a heart attack but also one where beerus didnt kill him. He used his dragonballs to wish his body to be swapped with goku's, and then killed goku in the confusion. He then realised that to continue with the KILL ALL NINGENS project he would have to make his new goku body even stronger, so he started hopping through timelines trying to find ones where he could improve his sexy goku body. He stumbled across future trunks timeline, destroyed everything and then followed future trunks to the regular timeline, where he found regular goku and decided to use him as a training dummy to keep getting stronger and eventually take advantage of both goku's abilities and zamasu's godly ki. He also made peace with the zamasu of future trunks timeline as they both wanted to carry out the NINGEN KILL plan.

>Goku literally fell for the ginyu force routine AGAIN

is bodyswapping goku's ultimate weakness?

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Didn't see one in the catalog, let's have another 3x3 thread.
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let's not
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Flat chest is disgusting
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Cowtits>DFC>>>>>>>>>Medium Sized
A man of fine taste I see.
Cow diddies on moms, dfc on trap.
That's the one and only way to go.

This is a japanese soldier
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Her vagina bones are regulation fit.
Must be doing something right.
Looks like a japanese breeding sow to me.

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I missed the threads when it ended, I just finished it myself, what did /a/ think of this?

The governor shenanigans were fun and all, but I found the ending way too japanese even for anime standards

>the only politician who wanted progress and change from stagnation ends up being evil
>he's ideal is good regardless, but is never discussed
>all security divisions work together for muh nippon in final battle
>bird gets captured and gets a mecha punch from kouhai to drive the point home

Way too preachy. Still fun though.
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First season was miles better but it was a enjoyable show.

Logos made it much more exciting.
Inagi could have been fun as an antagonist if he took more screentime and development.
It was enjoyable.

Would have been a lot more better if there had been giant mechas duking it out for the finale.
Would be cool if there might be a third season in the future, but it's very doubtful that it will get one.

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You should be able to finish the next sentence, /a/.

KyoAni is...
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a pile of shit these days.
an animation studio.

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