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Any thoughts on the video?
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Seems legit
[X] Fake
[X] Gay

pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten
never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy

wen day is dark alway rember happy day
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ive never forgotten those words
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don't tell me what to do
who let the /jp/ out!!11

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>you will never strap touka to a chair, calmly assuring her that this will bring her father back
>you will never tenderly remove 40% of the mass of her prefrontal lobe, watching in delight as she slowly loses herself as you carve away her higher brain functions, while force feeding her meat to keep her alive
>you will never bathe her and flip her daily to prevent bedsores as she is in recovery
>you'll never see the childish wonder in her eyes when she awakes, essentially an easily stimulated doll for you to play with for your satisfaction
>you'll never teach her to slowly bite into your arm to drink my blood, or gently spoon your flesh you chewed yourself into her warm sobbing mouth to feed her
>you'll never tuck her into bed, and gently stroke and salivate all over her body as she murmurs and moans as she falls asleep
>she'll never inquisitively devouring your rock hard cock, greedily and violently licking up precum as a tasty snack and firmly gripping your shaft like a lollipop
> you'll never get to firmly grasp he soon to be forgotten virginity with you cold rugged hands
>you'll never brutally fuck her ass raw as she slowly sobs into a pillow before pouring talcum powder all over it as a punishment for when she's naughty
>you'll never greedily slurp up her drool every morning to wake her up, sucking her cheeks for the sweet nectar
>she'll never call you daddy in her slurred, barely coherent voice as her feeble mind tries to process who you are despite lacking long term memory
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Have Toukafags become this pathetic. Truly disgusting.
Oh this copypasta again
>I will follow in the footsteps of the previous king
>I want humans and ghouls to understand each other
literally what?
Also did they even mention what the fuck happened to Yoshimura?

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So, this has been playing on my mind for quite a while: Are people in the west bigger weebs than those in Japan? Like are there more animu and mango enthusiasts in the US for example than Japan itself? How deep does the fascination go over there?
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no but western people are in general more outspoken and see hobbies more as a medium for social interaction than self entertainment
So Japanese people are more shy about watching anime and even playing video games? I find that odd. I thought it would be more socially acceptable over there.
I'm no expert, but from what I gather then anime isn't socially acceptable, but not extremely shunned either. Also, manga is more socially acceptable than anime. On the part about westerners being more outspoken, I think that's more of a cultural thing, Japanese people in general are much more private about such matters, and less likely to open about their hobbies.

I might be completely wrong on this, but this is what I've gathered from personal observation and from what I've read.

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ITT: Hidden gems
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most people I know didn't even know it existed
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midori judgement gun morphing.webm
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What a fucking disappointment that was...I was expecting the next best thing from TRIGGER and I got just some bleh drama.

Fortunately it turned out to be that the real triggering gem was being projected that very same season.

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It's been a long day and I need a Sora no Woto thread
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The promo art for the series looks great.
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I only wish I could find the DVD Boxset with the art book anywhere for sale.
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Is this a good show?
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Something something something bullying
isn't this the show where the VA cast got that one new voice actor on public TV to rape and kill him live?
What the fuck, no. It was just hazing.

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So who's the best girl (male)
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I think the manga revealed at the end that she's actually is a girl,dont know if I am wrong.
Just picked up a rare one.
Bonus imouto (male)

This is your seitokaichou for the night.
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I'll not be complaining.
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>tfw the best show of the season is only 8 mins long

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ITT: post under appreciated waifus that need some love too.

Thread theme: https://youtube.com/watch?v=6Vg5fEL3NA0
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Idk if she counts but she should have won the MC Bowl
You seem to have used "waifu" to mean favourite female anime or manga character out of a certain series. Oops!

Don't worry, I've got your back. I suggest that you should learn what it means, by lurking more. Alternatively you could visit a a website more suited to your kind, for example r/anime.

Thanks for reading!

>no re zero episode today
it hurts, /a/
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kill yourself
so mean ;_;
It's been weeks, get over retard.

>Manga takes Shinji's motivations and turns them into "I fight for my friends"

Why? Why give him literally the most cliche anime motivation there is?

Not that Im against changing things up, thats fine. I didn't even mind the happier ending.

But why that? Its so boring.
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Shinji never really had any motivation in the anime, and the few he did have was usually taken away from him.

so a cliched motivation is better than nothing I suppose
I mean the ending of the anime was about his self loathing and how he felt everyone betrayed him.

In the manga its just "I wish I was stronger to save those I care about"
you got the original "it's a wonderful life" ending
the bitter Anno's "betrayal and self-loathing" ending of EoE
Rebuild's and RE-TAKE's "I fight for my waifu" ending
and the manga's "I fight for my friends" ending

so many endings to choose from

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c003 p05.png
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do you accept, /a/?
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what's in it for me?
Friends with benefits, right?
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OOh ooh oh wait I almost forgot you're not real...

You're a drawing...

ITT: girls with sexy bodies but unsexy personalities
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Rei doesn't have a personality. Might as well be fucking a bag of potatoes. She is hot though.
>Might as well be fucking a bag of potatoes.

But surely some Anons like that.
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Lala raped.gif
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I Hate lala
run too

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Post only the purest, most untouched maidens in this thread
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so pure.jpg
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