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What's your homo OTP?

/u/ friends welcomed too.
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Isn't he like 30 and him 17?
Age gap makes everything better.
Fresh loli introducing eternal loli to the world of handholding is my fetish.

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How do you handle this situation?
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Make the most of it.
Eat them.

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New chapter's out.

Why is this manga so gay?
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>Golden Kamuy and Dungeon Meshi licensed

I bet it was Jew Press. I'd still probably end up buying them though.
Dungeon Meshi has been getting a lot of threads bitching about Yen Press getting it, yes. I was surprised to hear Golden Kamuy got licensed too from that announcement on EH's site, though.

Good thing they confirmed they're not dropping it. Knew they wouldn't puss out. They are apparently going to start removing the direct download links to the stuff as it gets officially released here, though.
>Tanigaki being naturalized into the Ainu village

That's heartwarming.

Is Nisio a fatefag?
This is too retarded even for his writing standards, this has to be a reference.
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It basically means you only live once. There's nothing after death, so people actually die when they are killed.
People die when they are killed is not a Fate reference, is a bad translation of a japanese idiom that has been seen in anime since far before from Fate/stay night.

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>kissu kissu kissu
>mou muchu nano
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>Won chu kiss me saikou no futari~
What the fuck did I just watch?

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Let's post Mangaka that have more than 1 hit series, one-hit wonder hacks not allowed.
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go fuck yourself
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Why are French girls always best girls?
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Because Frenchmen are the worst, so Frenchwomen have to be the best to compensate.
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There needs to be more French girls in anime.

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Toei used to radiate so much personality.


>[HorribleSubs] Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari - 04 [720p].mkv

Subs out, where are the other 3 Anons watching AOTS? Today we witness best girl in all her glory.
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Not feeling it so I'm thinking about dropping it.
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Just watched the episode

>mfw that Rinko singing
>Nakahara Mai playing an oneesan

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what are some manga/anime where the MC gets his dick wet?

Hardmode: No School Days
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That one
Aku no Hana
I Can't Understand What My Husband is saying, Welcome to the NHK, Ran to Haiiro no Sekai (member of main cast not MC), Berserk, Koi Kaza, Ciguatera, D-ASH, could list some others where MC gets herself dicked

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Why was Kaneda given the spotlight in the movie when he Is a side character? He does nothing through the entirety of the manga.
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I was going to watch Akira, but my friend likes it and he said I should read some of the manga before I watched it because it'll be better that way but historically reccomendations from people to do certain whacky orders like that turn out to be bullshit so whatever I guess I just won't watch it

Thanks a
watch it first then read it since the movie skips an entire arc.
because hes a cool character

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Pick your cumdumpster.
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filename says it all. Even if she was in only three to four episodes.

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Who's your type moon waifu?

p.s. if your waifu isn't one of these 4 then you have mongrel tastes picking clones and cukkqueens
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I'm a femanon in love with Kiritsugu.
Ryougi Shiki
all the other girls in that aren't that great, Aoko is better than the other two

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What happened to Infinite Stratos? No one talks about it anymore.
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No one talks about this garbage anymore, because it was a flavor the month VN harem adaptation shit.

Happens with every seasonal harem really.
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Walk in. See this. What do?
really, it's one of my favorite anime

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Was Sakura's going crazy an asspull after all? If it wasn't, why was there nobody to stop Shinji? Why didn't Rider stop him? Rider obviously cares about Sakura and wants her to become a monster least of all, but she didn't even try to stop Shinji in the end.
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Even if she cares about Sakura, Shinji was still acting as her master.
But Sakura wasn't crazy. Didn't you pay attention to what Kirei says? She was just pretending so she had an excuse to vent her murderous tendencies. She enjoyed being fucked, and she enjoyed killing, but she knew that Shirou couldn't love a girl like that. So she created the innocent persona to fool herself and those around her. Then she rode the jackhammer and once her desires were fulfilled, she got lazy and the personas began to merge. As evidenced by the other routes, as long as her desire to fuck Shirou remains unfulfilled, she will keep up the fa├žade and remain docile. She does have a mental condition that inhibits her true nature but she isn't crazy.
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>She enjoyed being fucked, and she enjoyed killing, but she knew that Shirou couldn't love a girl like that. So she created the innocent persona to fool herself and those around her.

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