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Arai Yoshihito.png
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When bae lifts more than you (even when injured).
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First go back to facebook, twitter, heat magazine, reddit or some disgusting party. And then kill yourself.
Damn! Where's she from? She got dem gunz.
Manga name is in the OP pic. Her name is Arai Yoshihito / 荒井美仁 (あらい・みに)

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How can you justify not wanting to constantly fuck her as straight guy?
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What if I told you I'm not? And what if I told you she's an irredeemable psycho cunt and worst girl no matter what orientation you are?
>is gay
>claims that Esdese is the worst girl
Fuck off, liberal cuck.
Some anons prefer to be the Dom in their relationship and I doubt she'd be content with the submissive role. But it might be fun to break her.

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>rewatching this not sober
>literally /b/ - random
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The making shit up as they went along was annoying.
but that part of the show was still good

it didn't get bad until the end of the tournament arc
> lel so randumb

I guess it's useless to explain the postmodern play of concepts and tropes to those of simple mind who are forever lobotomized by US cartoons.

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>want to watch anime that makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood (late 80s-90s)
>Thought I had watched everything I had seen from childhood and starting to feel a little bummed
>Remembered I still haven't watched Sailor Moon from start to finish

Question 1: Is Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R, S, Super S and Sailor Stars to be watched as one series? or can they be watched individually like DB, DBZ, DBGT?

Question 2: Is Sailor Moon Crystal likened to FMA: Brotherhood? (Better, with a storyline that follows the manga closer?)

Crystal really doesn't matter though because it's not from the 90s and I'm dead set on the nostalgia the original will provide
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Sailor Moon, like Dragon Ball outside of GT, is one series, and should be watched as such.

Crystal is a joke until season 3 when they finally get a budget. Watch it if you love Sailor Moon or hate reading manga

Subbed or dubbed?
There's really no reason to watch the DiC and Cloverway dubs apart from nostalgia.

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My wife Latifa is so cute.
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It's OK, she's 24

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How do you feel about Video Girl Ai?
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Quite empty, to be honest.

Must have been the high profile moe of an era.
I don't know what to make of the ending.
A genuinely captivating romance. The japs can't write romance as good as this anymore.

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Despite how much I like the manga, hopefully never.
This is a 10/10 manga, thanks op
I would watch it if what was in OPs' image was illustrative of the rest of the content.

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Do you like dark fantasy?
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Enough is enough, nigger. Stop.
Madoka and Berserk seem good.

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say again.png
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>Licks lips
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Bueno Excellente.jpg
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You don't see that in anime or manga if you do it a joke.
You clearly have not seen more than 10 anime series, its no joke kid

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first for moe Yang
which side will offer more waifu in 2017? Democracy or autocracy?
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Yang is already moe as-is, no need to gender-swap him.

Oh look, another typeset chapter of Tsurezure Children.
Sorry to have kept you all waiting for an entire week, but here we are.
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As always, TL anon is everyone's prince. Hats off to him for his dumps and translations.
I think this is the second time I put "Tsurezure Children" in the email field instead of the subject.

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Where's the Umaru thread?
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People went back to school.
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What's his name again?
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One Shitpost Man
caped baldo
Singular Wallop Homo sapiens XD

ITT: we talk about Kamina and remember him for the legend he is.
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Was he a virgin?
i think about this a lot

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What's your favorite comedy /a/?
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The one where OP makes an obvious rec thread and anons reply.
my life because it's all one big joke

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