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Mai Ball 49 is out

Mitsu cover best cover
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Reminder that every girl is best girl.

And Mai is still my favorite.
Twins are cute CUTE!
>Franklin bath edition

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Would you a ghost?
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Yes, but not that one
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But she's softer
yes gladly. i want to die already.

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What /a/ thinks about it? I loved it, broke my expectations.
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Hi. I didn't saw it.
Its like Chihiro with a boy.

but she spends a decade living among monsters and suddenly has to face the human world again and all the people that she left behind.

You're better than that.

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characters that ruined an entire show for you
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The fuck? She was hands down best girl.

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Mio is _____.
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about to be raped!
By me
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a sexy school girl.

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Which one deserves the title of worst shounen MC of all time?
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Tsuna from KHR
that faggot in BC
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Nastu. At least Bleach was enjoyable at SOME point. Fairy Tail was always terrible. Every fight ended in the same cringy "muh friendship" power ups and ass pulls to overwhelm the enemy that was seemingly invincible up until that point. Then they timeskipped and literally nothing came even close to phasing them.
Only upside to that trash heap is the THICC-tier waifubait.

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basket crate.png
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So the alleged explanation for Saitama's power is him breaking his limiter and he did so by his desire expressed by his actions. Having read the webcomic to it's latest point I find it hard to believe that Saitama really just wanted it more than everybody else

Do you think there's more to the story and if so will it ever be revealed or will it just remain part of the gag that he's just the strongest end off
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There's no such thing as a limiter in the OPM-verse. Desire has nothing to do with suddenly becoming powerful. There's no explanation for how Saitama gained his power beyond the fact that he trained every day for 3 years without air conditioning.

Anyone who does the same would presumably gain the same power.
Saitama is clearly a god threat that turned good, but had amnesia, so decided to become hero instead
That's the ugliest Tatsumaki I've seen

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Studios you wish to see go bankrupt.
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I hope trump doesn't win
Why? He's going to make anime real again.
Weird thing is, Shaft actually animated a Donald Trump commercial in which trump reveals his true plan to the world.


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>Character drinks beer
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Isn't "sake" a catch-all term for alcohol over in Japan?
TL note, sake means any alcoholic beverage.

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>most popular hentai titles
>first one is about pedo trying to fuck a trap
>second one is the most mainstream hentai, but also has a scenes with Hermaphrodites
>sequel to the first one
>"hentai with plot"
>one of the few titles with fags and graphic fag imagery (there are a lot of gay hentai but only a few have actual penetration and visible blowjobs)
>also sequel to the first one

This literally confirms that anime fans are FAGS IN DENIAL. how can anyone defend this?
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> adding a hentai to your mal list.
that's why it's only 55 thousand instead of 500 thousand. don't deny it, fag.
>he doesn't want to suck a lot of dicks
You sound like a total queer. Get the fuck out.

>wake up
>there's no re: zero

How to cope?
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How about you kill yourself and redo your life?
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Celebrate the end of a terrible fanbase.
eat dick

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Monaka have great feats like tanking Goku's attack.
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Monoka is only able to stand up to Goku when Bills is interfering. So if the question is Saitama vs Bills, it's a matter of whether or not Saitama can hit Bills before Bills can Hakai him.

The answer is Yes.

Took a sucker punch like a champ

Monaka stomps

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images (1).jpg
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is kingdom really the only good military manga?
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it's more of whacky mindless mank, and it's the only popular military manga because it's being regularly scanlated unlike several ones that haven't been scanlated for a while.
It is nekketsu as fuck. Shin is basically an 80s jump hero.
Vinland Saga is good but overrated.

I've been trying to find something that feels as good as kingdom and there's not much to be honest

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you missed one
Right is for cooking
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Poco 1.jpg
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>Inu x Boku SS aired almost five years ago
>The sexiest anime girl ever has been forgotten in that short time
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I loved this show. Sweet Parade was the best ED.

Too bad about what happened in the manga. I'm still mad.

>Sexiest girl wasn't the glutton or the blonde with glasses

Ririchiyo is still damn beautiful.

>She'll never invite you over for coffee
What is it that makes her so sexy? I think largely the design and the VA
What happened?

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