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Anyone up for a spooky Shiki marathon on Halloween?
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Sure, you gonna make it?
No, it's shit
Why not. It is not like I have better things to do than to sit in front of a computer screen for hours.

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>walk home
>see this

What do?
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>ask her where her mother is
Bend her over and proceed to ravage her asshole like the mutt I am
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Back then he was just on a tournament where killing was against the rules.

Now it is Life or Death situation.

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Are you stupid?

He knew it would wreck his body in the tournament, but he also knew his opponent wouldn't kill him so he figured he'd try it.

He still knows it will wreck his body, but his opponent will definitely kill him. Also his opponent is immortal.
In the manga he explains that the 10xkaioken has a 90% chance of killing him
he got lucky during the tournament and survived, but he can't take that risk now
The SSJB Kaioken didn't happen in the manga so isn't canon

So, did these two ever end up together or what?

If yes, I feel bad for Sango.
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Why would you feel bad about best girl and best boy getting together?
Cheating manwhore.

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Girls with fangs are the best
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>tfw you'll never get bitten by a fang gril like this
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I want to suck Frida's fangs.png
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>inb4 /co/
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Characters who never had sex
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>somehow didn't had to please half the garrison
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Yeah it's a miracle she is still a pure and innocent virgin, thank the lord.

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Wouldn't experience in Judo make her more adapt at the counter-style?
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Pretty sure Judo would require the use of her arms, which is not allowed here
Yeah but still, Judo is all about countering isn't it? So how would that translate into speed?
It does not rely on power, which comes with building up muscles, which reduces speed.

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cucked by mysteries.png
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Damn Movie 20 is a piece of shit, and it doesn't help that the subs are terrible and blatantly wrong all over the place.

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Conan should have ended 20 years ago

But it's only been a year in the story :^)
Yeah and Ash is 10, not an excuse.

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Nozomi likes you.
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Nozomi likes all-you-can-eat buffets.
Nah she doesn't, she'd rather have "Parfait" with Eli.
I don't like cows.

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Post characters you want to get drunk with.
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I want to fuck her brains out.
Fuck you. I told you before that Chris is for drinking and not for fucking.
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Seems like a good time

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>tfw you're too straight to enjoy the anime of the season
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Anon, anon, anon.
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>too straight for Hibike Euphorium
If you say so.
Females like myself have the same problem with yuri anime. I'm afraid of yuri anime making me gay.

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What if Umaru was a boy instead?
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No one would think her selfish bullshit is cute or funny or endearing.
I dont think anyone does now. I always felt bad for her brother, who seemed like a genuinely good guy who was being taken advantage of.
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you faggot ratposters wouldn't be spamming her every day

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best girl
is it one of "those" threads?
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It's the eyebrows desu

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What the fuck was his problem?
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getting raped in the pooper by drunk poor men changes you, anon-kun
His daddy beat him up.
It's in his blood.

He's rotten to the core

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It's 2deep4u anon, Eva is the deepest and most complex story of our time and no one will ever understand it's themes

Just kidding, it means fucking nothing and is just a random shock factor scene just like the end of the movie
It was a true proof of love
he so fucked up not cuming inside

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