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>Black Swordsman arc Guts is edgy!

You do realize if Berserk had even the slightest resemblance of realism to it, that Guts would be far more fucked in the head given his situation, right? Guts was never edgy, Miura was always being fair about it. He could have made Guts way worse.


Conviction arc Guts > Golden Age Guts > Falcon of the Millennium Empire arc Guts > Black Swordsman Guts > Fantasia arc Guts
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Berserk threads are dead these days, wait until February when the hiatus is over
in that image i always wondered if he is actually talking forshadowing about griffith, i don't think there is an English word to describe this kind of projection thought

also Black Swordsman Guts > Fantasia arc Guts > Falcon of the Millennium Empire arc Gut

if your enjoying dad guts ur a shit
Except he doesn't mean what he says OP. He's trying to convince himself he doesn't care about people so that he doesn't feel guilt or sorrow. Thats what guts has been running from all that time.

And people aren't so predictable in real life either OP. Some people are fucked in the head even if their lives are great. Others suffer for years and still end up good although with some sanity lost.

Also forget berserk threads for now. Itll be nothing but shitposting until february when miura ends what is hopefully his final hiatus.

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ITT: Manga with god tier Raep scenes
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I think wolf guy is a given
Does Dance in the Vampire Bund count? It wasn't exactly rape, but for all intensive purposes, it might as well be.

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ITT: MC who are also best girls
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I am the ultimate life form

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Insects are freakishly powerful for their size and some are remarkably organized.

Now just imagine how terrifying it would be if an insect grew to human size and had human (or above) level intelligence.
strength/size is a deminishing return. Insects would lose most of their proportionate strength if scaled to 180 lbs.

Holy shit, what a fucking dick.
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How can one man be so based?
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t. Char "Four Vaginas" Aznable
Are the old gundams worth watching?

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ITT shows only you remember
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Hey /a/. I'm sorry if this is kind of off-topic.
I want to ask in a japanese board (2chan) why do they draw anime characters like western people to see their reaction, posting >pic.
Does anyone here know how to properly say "Why do we always draw anime characters like western people instead of how we actually are?"?
I'll post results and such. Also, if someone has a better image that depicts that, feel free to post it.
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Because Nips are ugly as sin and Westerners are beautiful. Not too hard to figure out.
Well, yeah, but I wanted to see how they would react if someone points that out like that. I think they'd get pretty pissed, but I also think I'd recieve some interesting answers. Also checked.
The image you posted is part of a troll image series made by some Japanese.

They actually don't think that anime characters look like westerners.

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Do kids on Youtube still make fanimes or was it just some weird fad?
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OP is retard.
Kids on Youtube mostly make Let's Plays and High Quality Rips nowadays.
Well, those "kids" right now are posting on /a/ now

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Do Canadians have good taste?
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I'm honestly surprised that Nunavut has internet
>Yaoi shit
Seems about right.
Didn't know they even have internet.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I hate Australians
Cheap Chinese Ripoff

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Just watched Kekkai Sensen at random from my backlog. Was bretty gud, better than expected. It was reminiscent of Dorohedoro in some ways. I was kinda busy when it was airing, so dunno if it was well received on /a/?

>Chain is olev
>S2 When?
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It was well received in /a/, but like every non-moe anime, it gets forgotten the next minute after the last episode

Also i hope you watched the last episode and wait for the OVA, since i don't think we will have a S2 since it was an original ending+characters(Black and White)
when u realise many seiyuu cast from gintama,.
twin voice by same person
their boss voice by soma father

I didn't realize until just now that it was by Yasuhiro Nightow. As I was watching, I kept thinking "huh, these characters look a lot like they came from Trigun."

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Except Mugi.

*especially Mugi
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This was the most beautiful thing I've ever read.
Anime when?
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Don't forget to read the sequel series!!
Sequel is a lot more lighthearted though.Sure it can be funny but OP better not be expecting the same like the original series.
I'm reading it, but I feel like it undermines the end of the first series.
It's funnier though, and I love seeing the older versions of characters.

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I'm curious if anyone here is interested in a 4Chan Tankery League, based loosely on the concept brought forth by Girls und Panzer. Right now I'm just looking around for interest.

This could be hosted on something like /qst/, or wherever people want.

I have a decent concept of how it would work, but a concept is nothing without people.

Slight RP, more fantasy-sport league.
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sure I'd try it
sounds fun
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Cool idea anon, have a (You).

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Why was Durarara so unpopular when it has pic related? And why is Celty so unpopular in general? She doesn't even appear in the fanart/doujins, 99% of them are literally of some yaoi pairing and don't include Celty at all.
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the doctor is annoying
all the girls are really cute, celty is best though
Because Celty can't give head.

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