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His form is justice
His form is the world
Revere him
Praise him
The noble and beautiful
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He better go ssj
He's already SSS
Does he have a boipucci?

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Can anyone remind me what are cute girls for?
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why does he have boobs?
he's been used as a cumdumpster so much that all the sheer amount of semen had to be stored away under his chest, like implants

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Who is the sexiest Kyoani girl?
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>it's another Kyoani circlejerk episode
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Had a thread about this just yesterday.

Does disliking a popular show make you feel superior to others?
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No, disliking terrible show because it's terrible makes me feel superior to others.
Not at all, but rezero really was pretty boring overall. I probably won't even think about when I speak about anime in a few months.
I'm sure they do feel superior but only if it's validated by others hipsters like themselves. But once they realize they're just hipsters hating on popular shit because it's popular... they fall into despair.

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You have 10 seconds to explain why you don't think Jojo is the best Shonen of all time.

Depending on your answer I may have to kick your ass.
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Jojo is gay
Can't use SBR since that's seinen.

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Why does nobody ever mention the fact that Mugi's family owned white slaves?

That's kinda fucked up, right?
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Mugifags on suicide watch
Why not black slaves?
We both know the answer to this question

post characters that lost and never stood a chance
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otaku duo best girls, especially the fat one
I prefer the slutty duo
Gyarus are better because of the slight netori element.

Is this guy Jesus?
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His identity hasn't been officially confirmed, but everything points to it, yes.
He hasn't been revealed to be Jesus even in the manga, but he is definitely Jesus.
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I knew it. I saw the holes in his hands and thought "this isn't even subtle".
This is gunna be good.

Maki is pretty much the best girl, and she's probably the greatest tsundere idol ever. Let me explain.

Her ability to be an idol is great. She's cute too. Everyone agrees, she has great ability. So there's no problem with her ability and cuteness, and believe me, I know. Did I mention she's cute? It's fantastic, unreal. She has so much cute you wouldn't believe! So much cute! People tell me her cuteness is better than anything they've ever seen, anything!

And that's not just me saying this, many, many people are saying this, they're saying this cute girl - wow, cute - there's so much cute, there's going to be so much cute that they'll get tired of THE cute, they'll say, this cute she has, there's too much we can't stand it! I mean let me put it this way: the other idols, and nothing compared to her. Nothing.
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'ello makiposter

Your waifu is cute and all, HOWEVER
>No more seasons of her, songs and not even cameos
I just hope you get some extras or something
I want to rape her.
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Your waifu is lesbians with Nico and that’s canon.

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Let me dissect the psyche of Jun.

>Values Tomo as a friend
>Normalized a Masciline/masculine relationship with Tomo
>Has realized Tomo is a girl.
>Is feeling physical attraction to her
>Desires to retain the behavior he has normalized.

No. I don't get this character at all. The her being a girl element in the equation should throw everything out of whack. I can't believe his hormones aren't pushing him in to some childhood friend poon-tang. I don't think he'd be treating her like one of the boys anymore.
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cotton candy spin.gif
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lol who cares

post carol

I want to be one of Carol's boyfriends.
Love often involves an element of admiration.

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Considering how well MAPPA deliver Yuri on Ice, can they adapt this dead manga as well?
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Yuri On Ice is a production disaster.
No it's not.

I hope MAPPA or Production IG adapts this. Though I'm leaning more torwards IG.

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Why do you still call kyoani sameface?
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wtf i love kyoani now
Fuck off shill

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Name a single SoL anime better than K-On.

Pro-tip: You can't.
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Lurk for 2 years before posting.
K-on not even the best k-on.

That goes to sora no woto
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You're right.

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This is an eggplant. New chapter is out.
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so now is that a nose or an open mouth?
A snout?
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