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crashing this cult.jpg
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>people keep on memeing re:zero
>decide to watch it
>Toyota is actually refreshing as fuck, love the shit out of him even with how retarded he is
>don't get the meme about Rem, creeped out by her at first untill she decided to stop killing Ferrari
>episode 15
>what the fuck is going on
>holy shit i get why people call Rem best girl of this series
>Mercedes eyes at the end, noice
>watch episode 18
>Lamborghini rant about himself
>Rem confession
>feel like i'm almost falling for her myself

10/10 would drop this stupid shit again.
fuck this meme show. holy fucking shit this is bullshit. the last time i felt that mad is when Ash lost against the edgelord and his Megazard

i'm fucking mad.

also re:zero thread because the last one is ded
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this anime literally made me quit being NEET.
Who is Rem?
guess i'll watch it

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RIP sweet prince
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I'm surprised they didn't kill Bisha off.
File: 16519819.jpg (40KB, 500x575px)Image search: [Google]
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RIP everyone at this point
His dad will save him.

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>Piece of shit boy wants to be a magical girl
>Gets his wish
>Gets killed
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I am angry.
I am angry about elves.
That fucking elf bitch!

Az least they got what they deserves in the Drifters.
Around elves watch yourselves!

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What is your favorite HF ending?
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The one where Shirou wins the war with Gilgamesh
The true ending.
I like seeing good things happen to characters who suffered a lot throughout the story and I feel that it's the best ending for Shirou out of all the endings, even if he lost his body and had to kill Saber to achieve it.
Motherfucking Sparks Liner High, even though its a bad end.

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Im a huge PA Works fan and I'm dissapointed with what they pulled with their inbetweeners.
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Apparently animators are underpaid and overworked almost everywhere.
>The study concluded that the average yearly income for entry-level in-between animators in 2013 was 1.113 million yen (currently about US$10,795).
How do they even survive?
Yeah but PA Works touts themselves as one of the better studios who pay their animators well.

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You do realize you'll never finish all those anime, don't you anon?
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I know, but it's not stopping me from trying. Currently going through SDF Macross and it's a blast.
I have 217 on my list. Only pick up 1-2 shows each new season
Maybe the end of next year for sure

Daily reminder to not stick your dick in crazy
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What are you talking about? Crazy pussy is best pussy. Only cowards faggots would turn down this amazing experience.
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but what happens if you let them pregnant?
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hard decision

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Get it off your chest, /a/. The popular, unpopular, doesn't matter. Post 'em here.
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Gurren Lagann sucks
Re:Zero is a good series
drifters is tryhard garbage

What am I in for?
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And why does the MC dress like a fucking slav.
half hearted parody with fan service back up.
Parody of what?

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What did you watch when you were a child anon?

For me, it was pic related.
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Duel masters
All of these, Pokemon, Oban Star-Racers, and probably some other shit on Toonami or national TV that I've forgotten.

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Anime openings thread
Post your favorite anime openings




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It's been over 20 years and nothing has topped this.


Remember when anime OPs had sound effects? Those were the times.

Also Rhythm Emotion fags can fuck off.
Best jojo OP

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Why no one remembers about this guy? He was pretty dandy.
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Because his anime was shit.
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File: space-dandy-ep7[1].jpg (140KB, 1440x810px)Image search: [Google]
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Not it wasn't. It was a nice break from all this moeshit.

File: Esdeath_finds_Tatsumi.jpg (143KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Would Esdeath be a good mother?
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She's a good cumdump, not sure about the mother part.
She's a virgin and will probrably die one, seeing how the manga is going.

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07 - rVPjN5d.jpg
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I don't care what else happens in the coming months. The threesome bath with Mikan, Momo and Rito is the only thing I'm looking forward to.
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Anon, is that what it actually says?
Yes. Mikan caught completely by surprise just naturally admits that she wants to do lewd things in the bath with Rito and Momo. The next page she returns to her senses and yells at them but the truth has already been heard.
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>Watashi mo tadaka de nuru-nuru?
>...sou da ne tama ni wa...

>[HorribleSubs] 3-gatsu no Lion - 05 [720p].mkv

I can't believe this shit.
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What the fuck, he actually said it
goddamit i hate 4chan memes now
this is the dumbest shit
does kyouko ever relevant to the story?

He goes a lot of shit he never asked for, that family will have a lot of grudge towards him for dividing the family
No, she appears for another trauma scene later and then never seen again for 10 volumes.

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