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Boa is for ______.
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which one?

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Maki drinking tomato juice!
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Tomato goes better with Burd.
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Tomato and slav.

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ITT: Scenes that made you cry like a little bitch
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Learn to take screenshots at file resolution.
Haven't seen that one
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Ghost Story.png
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There's a skeleton inside your body.
Did you know that there is a Turk that died about 1700 years ago, who is now hiding somewhere in Canada surrounded by wildlife and fae-folk who spies on everything we do and keeps a list of it all?
He's planning a grand visit of us ALL in about a month for a grand reckoning.
Now the question you've got to ask yourself is: Does this old pseudo-greek ghost approve of your lifestyle and what unholy wrath will you experience at the hands of this undead if he finds out about your loli-collection?
You lost me at the Turk part

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SB69# 9

The show must go on.

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I don't think that SB69 has enough staying power left on /a/ to have more to talk about except on airing day.
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Which criticrista would you fuck?
Will I ever see everyone again when s2 is over?

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How do we fix her? She's too perfect to be on Rokkenjima.
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>light brown haired himecut
Rosa made me realize that I love himecuts with light brown hair.
Which seacat would you stick your dick into?

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Asuka is for hugs and loving
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I'd prefer to hug a girl with nice breasts or at least excellent hips.
Asuka is for mindbreak and ahegao
>13 years old

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Dumping latest chapter in the hopes translator-kun gets around to it.
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explain this right now
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Honestly the korean on the bowl is more interesting.
It's up her bumhole. That should be self-evident from the image you posted.
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Just finished watching Shinsekai Yori

What did you guys think of it?

He really didn't do a single thing wrong
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He messed with a superior species
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>Read Shinsekai Yori doujin
>Squealer is involved
>male: monster
I felt bad for all of the characters. It was a shitty situation for everyone involved.

I heard Akarin has a thing for dicks, is it true?
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Why don't you ask her?
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akarin giving that ehhhh face.png
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Akarin is only for pure loving and cuddling!
Literally who?

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Has /a/ forgotten about Amanchu already?
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If you want to talk about Amanchu, just write Amanchu thread in the OP.
I'll never forget Pikari's butt.

This anime is hilarious
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It wasn't funny but I enjoyed it
Like Nichijou
It certainly had its moments.
Actually it is funny so there

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ITT: anime/manga villains who did nothing wrong and were actually right
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Not only he did nothing wrong and was always right,

He is also unbeatable. I mean is there even a character who can be as righteous as Madara? And I mean, he defended his clan from racism, fought to free humanity from suffering and even returned from the dead as our lord and savior
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ITT: anime villains who actually won in the end.

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It's been 3 months.

Why won't it stop hurting?
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Because you didn't do the stretching exercises I told you to do every time you were about to do anal?
This is no laughing matter. Your rectum muscles can take long-term damage if you don't look after yourself. Of course it's going to hurt!
You invested too much in the possible pairing of two characters of a Chinese comic written by a well known troll.
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Your tears are delicious.jpg
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