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Why are the Scanlations of RE:Monster so epicly slow?
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Because RE:Monster is the lamest power fantasy isekai
Because no one cares about your shitty series.
If it is so bad.. what would you recommend?

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Post yfw vol 12 epilogue has Ainz reaching Level 101
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Why don't you just watch any other Gary Stu/Wish Fulfillment anime?

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Have you ever been bored and wanted to [spoilers]fap and just found a picture and middle way through you realise that character has a top tier design? Don't know why but Alice to me has been mid tier but now she's almost top behind Hisako. Post best character designs.
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newfags dont know how to spoiler
ctrl+s next time, faggot

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Filthy old hag lover.
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Refrain from calling Mimika-san an old hag.
What does it say?
it's no fun if i doesn't get spoiled correctly

What's your opinion about dark elfs?
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Jesus, she's fat.
Why do retards draw elves with huge udders?
At that point they're just humans with pointy ears. It's like drawing 6 foot dwarfs with the sole defining feature of having fluffy beards.
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Faggots not allowed

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Hajimete no Gal TV ANIME

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Yes, finally. Artists will finally make doujins of it.
Gyarus, gyarus everywhere.
Shit really?

It hasn't even been a year right? Or are we that far behind?

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How long until Japan embraces gyaru heroines as acceptable candidates to win the MC bowl?
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It would have to start out with pure gyaru first to ease them in.
When they are actually sluts.
>inb4 muh gap moe
Who cares?
Dark skin has always been there, always in third or fourth place. It's astounding that they've been doing this for about 30 years now without the brown girl being a serious contender and not just "part of a harem".

What did she mean by this?
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page 10 bump
Oh yeah?
We'll see if this thread survives.

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>his waifu doesnt sing

Top fucking kek, I pity you fags with shit waifus. Post your waifu singing itt to prove me wrong or admit your waifus inferiority.
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to be fair nobody's waifu is as a great as dorothy

>small pale, no body hair
>goth brunette
>piano witch
>flexible as fuck
>durable as fuck
>dosen't care if you finish inside her, can't get pregnant
>classy dress

why isn't she real
My waifu sings and beats up robots for a living.
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Fuck off and apologize.

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Wait a minute
Why didn't he just return to real world?
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Why he didn't just run away from the mansion and stayed in the capital city?
He return in the Vol. 9 faggot

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So I just fapped to my first trap doujin, there's no going back for me now, right?
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pretty mediocre choice for your first desu
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No there isn't.

You've passed the point of no return, you can try a rationalize your choice by saying he was drawn like a girl but ultimately there's no going back

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Garou chu.jpg
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wat do?
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Mourn her death.
Actually i'm a master of the Water Polo Carbonated Fist martial arts school
I guess i have no problems
I slap his dick

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ONE rakugaki.jpg
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Is ONE a good writer, /a/?
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>one punch
Gee, I wonder.
Not really

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Boku no Hero Academia >>150021761
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What is your opinion on that new western Death Note movie that is coming out in 2017?
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Haven't seen it yet so pretty hard to form a solid opinion.
I'm looking forward to black L's performance.
t. lberto lawliet

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