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>there is no good CGI in ani-
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Gundam has good CG nowadays
The only reason it looks passable is because, when they use the GGI, everything on screen is CGI. Putting CGI on the screen at the same time as regular animation always causes problems.
Is this new meme?

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Your wallet or your life.
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Chizuru is a sweet girl who would never take a life!
Chizuru is for rape and mind break because she is a fucking whore

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madoka 3.jpg
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Is it even supposed to be considered canon?
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>what the fuck was this xD
Was Rebellion really so confusing or is this just a meme?
Madoka is one of the most deep anime
Take it as you want.

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Every fucking day. Every single fucking day this little faggot just sits there and gives me this stupid look on her face
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She wrote explosive runes into your face. Didn't you notice?
Do you want a replacement one?

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Question to fellow JoJo fans. Is it ok if I red SBR before Vento Aureo and others? I mean, would there be any plot holes, spoilers or inconveniences from other parts? From what I heard SBR takes place in an alternative universe and I just find it more appealing than parts 5 and 6.
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Just read SBR only, it oushines parts 5 6 and 8.
just drop it
kill yourself

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>Be Trunks
>Chilling in future until black comes and fucks everything up
>Can't beat him and lose more and more to him everyday


>Remembers Gohan in the past as a kid surpassing him, vegeta and goku raping Cell
>Thinks about how strong he must have gotten now
>Make desperate plan to go to the past and find Gohan to help him as he must be the strongest fighter in existence right now

*Goes to the past*

>Finds Gohan and sees what he became
>He dies a little more inside as he watches his hero become a loser

Being Trunks really is suffering
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I would have killed myself.
The guy nonchalantly gets over his mother dying in front of him. The writing in Super is bullshit,
>watches his hero become a loser

Trunks is like Gohan. Hell, Trunks, as only half saiyan, arguably dislikes fighting even more than Gohan, since unlike the latter he's never drawn a fight out to enjoy it. He only fights because he has to and envies present day Gohan, who he only met up with again after finding out that Goku had become retardedly powerful anyways, for the life he gets to live with his waifu that he though he'd never get to live with Mai.

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so we rip off the premise of Minority report, but make a moe MC
>baka gaijin won't even notice!
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Gen Urobuchi is a hack, nothing new there.
>so we rip off the premise of Minority report,
It's officially a fanfic of Equilibrium.
Over rated, falls flat on it's face, when you think about the whole story. Suprisingly Minority Repport had much more complex story.

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Why is this alien so best?
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Because Tulip is a miracle of the universe.

Cutest loli himedere ever.
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I want to marry Yurika.

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Can someone fucking explain to me how in the fuck that Madara power wanking meme caught on fire but pic related didn't get so much a fucking peep?

This girl literally has millions of hax skills. How did you fuckers NOT meme this shit??????????
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Naruto is good, this one is shit.
Why don't you meme it yourself? How did you think Madara pasta caught on?
Cause Medaka is a chore to read because of the tl;dr text boxes and I at least didn't like the art.

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What did he mean by this?
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not sure shak.png
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I just don't get this.

I understand that hopping over game on its own, but with the guy on the end leaning on a pole I am confused as to what they are doing.

The guy jumping is just going to end on the back of one of the other two guys.

And then what?
File: 1419967883921.webm (426KB, 470x600px)Image search: [Google]
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3 guys with their faces in a guy's ass or crotch, a guy against a pole with a guy's face in his crotch, and then a guy comes from behind and jumps over them slamming his ass and crotch onto the guy with his face in the crotch of the guy against the pole.

To what end?
To this day, I still don't understand.

>Hand stigmata

The Black King is Jesus Christ.

I'm so fucking glad I picked this series.
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Stigmata don't necessarily mean Jesus. I've got one on my right hand too, and I can't walk on water. I can barely swim.
Find them.
Chase them.
Kill them.
>implying it's not St. Peter

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The MC of the last anime you watched is now Kaiji

What happens ?
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He wouldn't even understand how to play any of the games.
>Girlish number
Maybe she could trade some stars for sexual favors?
Nothing changes, just more crying

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Which one,/a/?
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Probably Rukia, she's petite and delightful.
When I actually liked this series, I was a big Tatsuki fag until she became irrelevant very quickly. And I was always fond of Rukia, but fit girls like Tatsuki hit a soft spot.
Rukia, the other two aren't even in the top 10 in their series, I'd give Rukia at least that

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Thoughts on Taboo Tattoo? For me it's interesting, but kinda cliché and corny. The animation is weird too.
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>Thoughts on Taboo Tattoo?
Bury it.
There is exactly one good thing about the show:
The childhood friend who rushed onto the battlefield despite having no combat training or protection, died.
But that's not nearly enough to redeem this pile of shit.
Hime best girl.
Why the fuck did it flop? Do the Japanese hate May'n now or something?

Touko ;_;

She was so cute too. It's kind of ironic though she was wearing a shirt with the word "flag" on it when she died. If that isn't a death flag, I don't know what is.

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>when a doujin storyline is better than the original
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>when people actually care about how long running harem manga end
How? Best girl won in the original story.
shitoge should have been raped not tsugumi

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