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Ive recently rewatched SnS. Had a blast just like the good old days when it was airing.

Then i remembered about Viz dropping the novels. What are the chances of Yen press licensing it at this point?

Also Shana is still best tsundere girl
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Good times.

No chance, but at least baka-tsuki brought back the project for it. Best we have are summaries that have been floating around for years and some translation here and there.
All i can complain about is that the manga followed season 1 of the anime and stopped there.

I wish they adapted all the light novels , but i doubt the sales were there.
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Brought it back? The project is already dead for a year now. And knowing the translators on bakabt the chances of them actually fininshing all is slim.

Maybe someday a reboot but i doubt it

I still want to see the events leading up to season 3 in some format. Be it manga , anime or in english novel format,

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Is nopan pure or impure?
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Only mega sluts go nopan.
And that is why I love Aqua. After the Megumes.
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It's not a harem when Kyoani makes it.
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>It's not good when Kyoani makes it
Why does mayonnaise dress like a slut?
Don't exactly see why not, please elaborate anon

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Trigun thread?
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Is the manga worth reading?
It's tonally quite different from the anime. Nightow's artwork can become rather difficult to follow during fight scenes, but by and large it's fantastic. But the plot does go a bit off the rails in the last couple of volumes.

Overall I still prefer the anime, but Trigun/Maximum is still one of my favorites.
What's his name again?

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>Computer, create a fully interactive simulation based on the 21st century manga and anime series "Keijo".
>Disable safety protocols.
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You're mad, man.
I hate star trek but absolutely love these threads.
data you're a saint

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automatically the worst girl
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Preach it.
Cute fangs are amazing though.
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Brat is best girl tied with Toshino, though.

What does /a/ think of martial art manga/anime?
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Been too many since the 80's and then got annoying and tiringly boring over time.

>Still no proper successor to Ranma
Yawara is based. I want more like that. Judo is great.

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I haven;t seen a 3x3 thread yet today
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how can someone's taste be so mediocre
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Version 2.jpg
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Heres a better version image wise and whats yours big boy?

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Why is it that Fairy Tale has an alright design when it comes to characters, but the stories are so easily predictable?
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and im fine with that i dont go to Fairy Tale for a crazy deep story
How is that alright design?
Because Mashima is a good artist, but a bad writer.

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You're waifu is now in a wheelchair, how do you proceed?

She was in an accident and is now paralyzed from the waist down.
It is permanent and unfixable. Medical technology may improve in the future to fix her, but it's years away.
She can become pregnant and give birth. It's actually probably easier for her to give birth now since there's no pain at all down there.
She got 20 million in damages from the accident, and her medical bills are all paid.
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Cheat on her with her slutty best friend and then break up with her.
>She can become pregnant and give birth. It's actually probably easier for her to give birth now since there's no pain at all down there.
Is that how it works? Any doctors want to verify this?
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Nemesis 6a.jpg
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My waifu is made of magical darkmatter and knows several of the greatest scientific minds in the galaxy. I don't think it's a huge problem.

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What are your special features /a/?
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It gets bigger when I pull it
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ss (2014-06-07 at 09.18.19).png
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I masturbate by pressing down hard and thrusting my hands sligthly above my vulva, with no penetration or clit rubbing needed.
My long eyelashes
I would look like pic related but i'm not indian though

But hey, at least my waifu loves them a lot, she's a bit jealous about it!

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What's the meaning of this, anon?
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Poor attempt at redeeming a shit character.
Ehh, Satou was alright.
What do you call the fetish to get aroused by scenes like that?

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How does DaL make you feel?
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The body is so 3d but the face is so 2d. I'm not sure I like that look. It clashes
Season 3 when

Give lum the love she deserves!
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They don't make MCs like this anymore.
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Why do most anime characters not have lips ? Does anyone else find that weird ?
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No, lips look terrible in anime.
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I think it has to do with emphasis on the eyes. Even for real life in japan they try to over accentuate their eyes. Usually when you do see a character with lips they are either a slut or clown faced gyaru.
That's true

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