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So I just watched Macross: Do You Remember Love? last night and I loved it.

It's the first Macross work I've ever seen.

Where do I go from here?

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The newest anime. Lots of singing in that.
SDF. Fleshes out DYRL.
Watch the original series if you hate bad animation then don't bother.

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Dio Brando is now the MC of the last anime you watched.

No Vampire powers, No Stand powers. Just him and his asshole personality
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>Hunter X Hunter
Well, I guess he would want to find Ging only to kill him. He would probably be pretty good at Nen too, but he wouldn't care about Kite or Pitou so he would go directly to Meruem. And die.
>Shuumatsu no Izetta
Dio is now the Archduchess of Eylstadt and fights back against the Germanians by using a witch as a weapons.
>Yuri on Ice

As if Dio wasn't gay enough.

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Is Japan finally gone for good?
Hey Japan, mind sharing some of these catastrophes with San Fransisco?

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Do you like Fate/stay night ?
This work was a little too shonen and juvenile for my taste. But when Fate Zero adaptation came out in 2011, I think Type-Moon really came into their own, maturely and deeply.
With his thought-provoking themes and mature setting, Fate Zero makes immediately clear that this production does not only match its predecessor but far surpasses it in every way imaginable.
He's been compared to Hideaki Anno, but I think Gen Urobuchi has a far more bitter, cynical and nihilistic sense of humor.

Their most accomplished show and undisputed masterpiece "Fate/Zero" brought a lot of new fans into the franchise.
A show with battles so catchy, most secondaries probably don't even try to comprehend the deep meaning of the story. But they should, because it's not just about the powerlevels.
It's also a complex and philosophical statement about the nature of mankind.
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Zero is indeed superior.
Fsn is adapted from an eroge after all. Can't really blame it to be shit.
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>no sword autist
>no Taiga
>not enough Ilya

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What's up?
What's good senpai
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I want to fug this smug

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So overall, is 2016 turning out to be a good year?
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Shit taste


2017 looks better
Not according to this list though, the majority of shows here either fell flat or never really took off.

Yep, that's right. We're in Hayate the Combat Butler's final arc now.
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It's probably the safest movie I've ever seen. Plain and "average" characters, easy to follow story, no real risk or thrill throughout the whole ordeal.

It's KyoAni so you can bet your ass it looks and sounds great, but it's just your average family-friendly movie. 7/10

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When life gives you lemons...
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I'd rather cherries.
You sell them and invest all your capital in google shares.
You throw those lemons away and go get yourself some delicious grapes.

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Today is 11/21, and that means Nero has been my waifu for five years! How long has /a/ had their waifu?

Also, Nero thread.
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>this week
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>tfw waiting and hoping for any of Agata's works to get animated
W-well I guess this is start for some animated /ss/
delayed lmao
As always, I appreciate the attempt but holy shit have they not captured the artstyle of the original and as such, I won't waste my time with this.

Not to mention it's /ss/ and they didn't pick the one good /ss/ from that particular Tank.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Thanks, doc.
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Nice fish, dude.

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>Buy me gaemu, Onii-chan!
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Get a job and buy it yourself.
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Thoughts on Erika
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Best girl.
i like how she was careful and soft with the mc's testicles

She could be a great mother
No Misa is.

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I like Yumi!
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You got good taste in ninjas, my dude. Needs more OVAs or anime.
Yumi is literally perfect.

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