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who is the target audience
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neets with no gfs

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What does /a/ think of Tsuyu?
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You mean JonTron's girlfriend?
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Best girl.

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>marathoned shiki last weekend
>have been slightly mad the last few days as a result

And to top it all off, almost all the porn of it is yaoi.

Now this is suffering.
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read that communist copypasta about this show. it's great.
Toshio did nothing wrong

Without Toshio the village would've been overrun with von Carstein rejects, so of course he did nothing wrong.

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The seiyuu rooster is fucking garbage. What were they thinking?
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Who we got?
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Yuuki Kwahara as Tooru, a literal nobody. Her only other main roles are from Himegoto and some 3D Magical Girl show

Maria Naganawa as Kanna, another literally who. She plays Akiko in Anitore! and Honda in Stella Mahou this season. Ver voice is garbage.

Mutsumi Tamura as Kobayashi. She's the most veteran of the bunch but in a bad way, she has played nothing but supporting characters and shit main characters from irrelevant series. Kakashi is her most important role. She only plays men.

Minami Takahashi as Quetzalcoatl, she's the most talented in my opinion. Currently dubbing Cocona from Flip Flappers and she also plays Sora from Aikatsu. They got the best one for a supporting role that will only appear halfway through the season.

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I love you Iorin 3.png
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I love you Iori.
I love you.
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Iori loves dicks in the butt.
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Where did this meme even come from

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6 days until we know when we're getting more P I Z Z A B U T T
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Probably Pachinko pizza butt
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Id finally kill myself

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>close up of face
>girl has lipstick
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She... does?
I fucking HATE that. Lipstick on anime girls should be banned.
It fucking adds 20 years to their age.

It just smacks of poor understanding of the medium unless the artist wanted to make a milf/30+yo character.
I hate this. Anime girls don't look good with makeup on.

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I want to FUCK Kirino, /a/.
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Looks a bit....young...
get out of here, kyousuke
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ss (2016-10-07 at 08.56.18).png
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All yours.

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This is a 12 year old.

Also, what's your thoughts on the series?
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Shes cute. Series was alright
What the hell do they feed their kids in that world?

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Imoutos can be very helpful.
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I don't believe you; she doesn't look very helpful
He's gonna masturbate like one of them real boys
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The imouto is aggressive.

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3 years ago today, a gorilla died to take us on the biggest ruse cruise to date.
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What was his name again?
Fuck off with your unfunny Harambe meme.
>tfw I had to check the 4chan threads after watching this to make sure it really did happen
Was amazing. Samurai Flamenco threads were the best threads of that season and year, better than Kill la Kill, SnK, everything

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What's the one thing that will immediately make you hate a girl /a/?
It can just be a general archetype or a specific physical or personality trait but either way just something that makes you want to drop the show because of that one girl.
For me personally I can't stand shy glasses girls.
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>For me personally I can't stand shy glasses girls.

What does it feel like to have garbage-tier taste?
File: 876.jpg (61KB, 669x377px)Image search: [Google]
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>Tell OP, what is it you hate about Nina, a girl who created a superweapon and begged her superiors to use these weapons and is thus directly responsible for the deaths of millions?
>It's her glasses and her shyness!

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How does it feel knowing he's more powerful than any anime character in existence?
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But he's not. Characters who can control fiction, boundaries, and vectors could just turn his powers against him
one punch guy can beat him
This is not arale

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This is a japanese cow
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Cow Girl.jpg
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I want to milk her.
File: cow 171.jpg (93KB, 720x1010px)Image search: [Google]
cow 171.jpg
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Fuck yeah I'd fuck that cow.
File: Cathyl's_cowbra.png (609KB, 839x704px)Image search: [Google]
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I love cows

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Does /a/ like Asakura?
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After watching Yuki-chan, I have a new found appreciation for her.

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