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Jump Peak.jpg
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Was this Jump at its peak?
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I know there are at least a few other anons reading this.

Things are finally happening. Hopefully it doesn't goes down the right route.
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This is the cooking manga with the single dad right?
>I know there are at least a few other anons reading this.
/a/ is not entirely taken over by bots yet. The resistance is still holding out, waiting for our chance to strike back against our robot overlords.
no, it's the one with the sensei and the harem. not the monster one though

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rammers bless
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best girl rem
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I want to have anal sex with Rem!
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Is this a revolver ocelot joke? ok...
>rammers bless
everyone wants, but that ass belongs to Sub-kun

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Oh no, Enju is crying.
Quick, cheer her up!
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Upsy daisy?
Why? Tina stole Rentaro from you?
all your friends are dead

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W-welcome home, m-master!
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Don't call me "master", squatter.
Now get out before I fetch my gun.
Since when have I started to live in a bar?
where are my tendies

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Kiritsugu's characterization is inconsistent. Personality generally remains stable across the entire lifespan. People cannot change as much as he did. Either he should have been more dark and brooding as a child, or he should have kept more of his charisma and lightheartedness as an adult.
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But anon..
Look at yourself. You were probably a good kid, too - and now you're on 4chan. It's possible.
What the hell are you talking about? Sure, "most" people don't change all that much throughout their life, but that doesn't mean that people can't dramatically change for the better or worse, especially as they grow into an adult, and doubly if there's trauma involved.
>Personality generally remains stable across the entire lifespan.
>from kid to traumatized adult
Nigger even my cushy upbringing turned me into an asshole.
Really the only people who remain the same are those hardcore retarded people who never develop past the head banging tantrums autist phase.

why is it so common for Japanese men to be humiliated, scorned and belittled by women in anime? Why do they like it so much?
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When you aren't suffering from self-esteem issues, you can take a few insults in good humor.
When you know your status isn't in danger, you don't need to protect yourself at all times from being embarrassed.

In short: Japanese males are manlier than you.
normally I'd agree, but it's excessively pervasive, probably to the point of pathology. Literally every time a man in an anime wants to ask a woman out, or do anything remotely sexual he seizes with anxiety, stutters his words, imagines ridiculous scenarios, and then apologizes profusely if he ever decides to go through with the advance.
Because they feel confident, they can afford to depict their actual emotional struggles in their cartoons.

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megumin ed.png
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>OP by Mami Kawada
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>MKL samefagging thread
Not me: there are other fans of her here as well.
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Sure you aren't, faggot.

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What was his name again?
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Guillotine Gorilla

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I'm about to watch Love Live for the first time so I can have an opinion on who best raibu is and so I can fap to the doujins. Any tips?

Pic related is my favorite Keion.
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Why do you want opinions spoon-fed to you, just form your own you retard.
I just wwatched the first episode. Decent, but need more impression of the girls. The CGI is trash though
If you just want to get into pointless arbitrary fights with other people and jerk off to porn, you have no reason to watch Love Live or any other anime.

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What is the one anime or manga that /a/ is waiting for?
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Ikuhara 4: Komodo Nakadashi
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>tfw it looks like Gohan is back
why was Gohan scowling? Shouldn't he send Trunks off with a smile? Why was he so worn out?

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How did the situation with fansubbers get so bad? Been taking a break from anime for a while but I just went to try a new show and 7 weeks in, HorribleSubs is still the only option. Like, where did everyone go?

Not to say I have a problem with Crunchyroll but sometimes I sure would like some OP/ED lyrics. And it's awful when the only option is Funimation because it's hardsubbed with questionable video quality.
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Speed is the most noticeable quality, and HS far surpasses every fansub group on that front.
>How did the situation with fansubbers get so bad?
It didn't.
This is mostly a meme.
The golden age of fansubbers as people would probably consider the time a few years ago to be was not a time of fansubbers at all. It was a time of fan encoders. And these people noticed that anime fans don't care about super special encodes. That's why they moved on.

Fansubbing is still as alive and well as ever: Just barely. There are several shows this season that require fansubbing, and they are getting subbed.
Newfags... newfags everywhere.

There was a time long before that when groups would translate things (badly) and people would argue endlessly about various grades of dung rated mostly by the amount of sparkly karaoke available.

It was a lot more fun back then.

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So I finally decided to start watching New Game.

When does Nenechi become more relevant?
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Nene is always relevant.
Episode 06 when she stole the screentime from Hifumi and Yun.
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>another Nenefag on the horizon

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/a/ hates Kyousugiga? What a bunch of faggots!
I don't hate it, I just think that the TV show is a lot of wasted potential and it mostly feels phoned in and low-budget after the gorgeous ONAs. In fact the ONA sections are by and far the parts of the TV show that look the best, the rest ranges from okay to terrible (like the exposition dump in episode 11).
>episode 11
Meant to say episode 9, forgot this show was 10 episodes long.

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