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And others guess who your waifu is. Bonus points for not using reverse image search.
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inb4 the mods on a rampage close this
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Jokes on you OP!
My waifu's seiyuu doesn't have any other roles.

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This is a Hawaiian Pokémon Trainer.
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Reminder that your mother loves an alien jellyfish more than you.
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smirk evil stm.png
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I want to fuck Lillie hard on a sink and after that give her something to drink

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I just finished the movie and I'm so fucking pissed off right now. WHAT was their reasoning for ending it? This wasn't properly explained.

Also its clear that they're retarded as fuck when it comes to business. You had the entire fucking country watching you! You couldn't have thought of a way to profit from that and continue with the 9 of you?! I'm so angry right now
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They're all smart enough to realize their prime is ending and furthering this little act will end bad for their prospective careers.

You gotta wake up and get serious eventually and better early than late.

That and the group will split eventually and it will probably be ugly. 9 people is too much to keep together bound to an idol group.

Best to leave off on good terms in HS.
They didn't want to end up as corporate sellouts

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Should I watch Z or Kai?

What do I lose by watching Kai?
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>What do I lose by watching Kai?
Goku and Piccolo driving

that's about it
z first then kai
And Garlic Jr. And a lot of useless filler along the way.

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Time for new chapter

41: Hibari-chan's Tawawa Plan [TN: Alternatively boing plan]
<-- (W wow..)
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"Sorry, are you okay Kogarashi-san!?"
"Ahh morning Yuuna"
"Good morniiing!!"
".... they're doing it again..."
[Right] A morning that never changes...


"The true pleasure of Yuragi Inn is the hot spring in the morning"
"That's so true..."
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...since she came here
Hibari tried to think of ways to return Kogarashi-kun back to the bath to decency, but...

She really has no choice but to become Kogarashi-kun's boyfriend!!

If she does that
"Don't lay a hand on Hibari's Kogarashi-kun!"
She can say that!

Judging from what Hibari saw, the dangerous Yuuna-chan and Sagiri-chan...
"W will I be Kogarashi-san's girlfriend!? I'm a ghost so that's unthinkable...!"
"Make Fuyuzora Kogarashi my husband!? I I don't intend on doing that!"
...that's what they said.

But it wouldn't be weird for them to change their minds.
So now's my chance while their guard is down...!

So even if I approach them naked,
I have to go on the attack again, but...
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Ah, made a mistake on pronouns again.

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This is Ishtar.

She took the body of another human to manifest herself: she's a pseudo-servant. Unlike Waver who's in complete control of his body even with Zhuge Liang possessing him, Ishtar is in complete control of Rin and she can only see what Ishtar does with her body.
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>Ishtar is in complete control of Rin
Eww but why?
>more Nasu cannot come up with new shit,so they re-texture old designs

Fuck Typememe why can they not come up with new shit with new designs,why are their 5 emiya clones,10 saber clones etc...
So will she fuck Gilgamesh now?

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bride and groom.jpg
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When does friendship go too far?
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When they get married.
Are you jealous of their love, anon?
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>ywn marry Earth's president and protector who's also a cute male model

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Movie has begun to be released!

OK,Choukai, Kako,Kinugasa,Kodaka play important roles at the opening fighting part and show us beautiful and powerful action,after which Kisaragi returns.
this part is so great that the former TV anime became the shit itself
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This worries me
Why deleted?

This compared to the Funi version is like night and day.
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So clear.
Guess everyone is waiting for the inferior HS release.

KanColle movie has been out for a few hours.
Any reviews in? Has it redeemed the series?
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It was shit.
Movie itself,especially fighting scene is good
Script is …maybe you have pros and cons about it

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Cute everything desu

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Tell me again how /a/ hated No Game No Life but loves reddit tier shows like JoJo.
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I remember a lot of love as it was airing.
So don't i, but then a boom of hate came and now it has the life time label of Reddit: The Anime
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Why not both?

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Deku's gonna land one hit on him and he'll melt into a puddle of goop. Turns out he was a clone all along.
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ITT Girls you've fapped to from shows you've never watched.

Now I don't think I can watch this.
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>not watching Konobi
what are you doing with your life

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