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So Kazuma got his little harem scheme going for him, even if he keeps consistently fucking it up for himself.
Megameme being the main flirt since she's probably the most "normal" of the main girls.
Which is all good, I like them all.
But let's not forgot that Kazuma and Aqua have a bond much deeper than anyone Kazuma could ever get romantically involved with.
>They both depend on each other, and wouldn't function probably without each other.
>They are basically the same person in different genders
>Even if they keep bashing each other, they still love the other person without conditions
>When Kazuma goes to steal Aegis with Chris, the first thing he thinks of is to steal a gem as a present for Aqua, because he remembers she collects odd rocks
>When Aqua hosts a festival for herself, the first stall she puts up is a japanese fish scooping pond to remind Kazuma of home
best girl thread
Are there better bros in anime?
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Aqua is pure
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>Are there better bros in anime?
There probably are, but Aqua and Kazuma are pretty fucking cool together. They carry the show
actually Kazuma actively pursues Eris/Chris in the LN

the others are on a "if they make the first move" basis

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JoJo thread

discuss best JoJo
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>pic unrelated
I liked the episode today
Fight me
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cant wait for next week to see glorious vortex of btd , if not it will totally happen during the last battle

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It feels like its been forever.
Nice, very nice.
Any highlights?
Where's Yen Press?

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>Just 3 weeks until the anime is over
>VA next year, maybe
What did you guys think of today's episode V2
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>mfw a new level of smugness is reached in JoJo
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Is this what it feels like to chew 5 gum?
why did he suddenly gain so much gray hair? is he aging rapidly?

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Very soon, mutinyb owl will become a reality. Eren will shatter Armin's heart over and over again, and Mikasa will kick it into a volcano. Armin will be broken, dreamless, and with no friends. He'll be alone.

That is what you wish for, right? To see him destroyed by the people he loves the most.
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First for dead general
Mikasa and he will never be far away from each other. Eren has other things on mind.
I'm glad this manga and fanbase are fuckin dead.

Read the guide
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that's nice
I want to buy more manga but I don't have enough room for them
Are you ready for teh Alice?

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1 page thread

Post some HEALING manga instead of the usual crap
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jesus fuck shit gets heavy. didnt expect anything but mindless moe and lesbian undertones but fuck dude.....
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fuck off daily circlejerk
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Don't blink, the drama will be over soon
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i finished season one tonight. tears were shed

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About when can we expect the newest chapter to be translated?
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When fuzz is real
And that would be?
I asked a question about the manga anon. perfectly on topic. Something wrong?

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JOKERS Chapter 4 at 20%!!!

This thread is dedicated to our based cyber fairy friend, may he forever be based.
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The madman just barely finished Memories, and now he's 20% of ch.4.
This is a level of base, I dare say we have never before seen.
You can stop making chained threads, you know. There is nothing left to discuss and there is the discord to circlejerk.
>nothing left to discuss
Untrue, there's plenty to discuss among the readers who are reliant upon translator-kun. Like the new chapter to Episodes that came out a couple of hours ago.

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Why is Konata such a cunt?
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now a Tsukasa thread.

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I said Typhon
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Ram demonstrating how she takes Roswaal-sama's cock.
The fan art wasn't too far off with her.

This Madman actually won.
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Trunksfags BTFO'd
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RIP best villain
This arc had an Evangelion vibe to it

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Toyotaro Is Our Guy edition
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Tell me, is DBZ movies good ?
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BoG is the only good movie.

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