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Any of you guys excited to this?

AOTY confirmed
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Are you finally ready to fuck me, anon?
I hope your chuuni infatuation with my autistic little sister is finally over.
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I was always ready to fuck you
Sorry, but I'm fucking Kumin now
Dark Flame Master had achieved short-term nirvana with Rika many times already. Their spirit and body are cojoined

ITT: Best girls in their respective anime
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Sorry OP, I'll post the correct image for you.
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Holy fucking shit did these moeblobs just spend 15 minutes talking about how to eat a fucking chocolate cornetto? lol what the fuck this show is hot garbage am I rite /a/?
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>implying you were here in 2007
These threads are fucking retarded kill yourself
That's just like, your opinion man. I think it's cute. It's great that they got Wendee Lee to voice Konota, good continuity with the Japanese dub.

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So the first teaser is out.

And I really liked. The guy playing Shinpachi seems to know how to scream

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was expecting some nonsense

instead, there was a single "GIN SAAAAAN" from Shinpachi

seems good
Is that the freaking Benizakura arc again? That's pretty hype.
so whats the list now?
>jojo part 4
whats the next popular anime that's getting a live action movie? what would you want to see? personally id love to see the japanese to a real dbz movie.
or monster musume

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Why do lolis have such good taste in rock?
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to lure innocent lads to their vans
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>good taste

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This show managed to do things badly that I didn't even know could be done badly. It was like the writers didn't know the basics of writing a story. Also, I predicted the ending plot twist from a mile away because I have a working knowledge of H.G. Wells. Yet, I find that it's well-liked nearly everywhere I look.
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Why does SSY attract so many different kinds of shitposters?
It doesn't help that I was directed to it after asking for series I would prefer to Lain.
It's liked even on /a/? I'm beginning to freak out a bit. What does everyone else see that I don't? I legitimately feel like I'm looking at a mound of garbage that's being applauded. This is disconcerting.

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Why are rich girls so desirable?
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If I had one then it would mean I would have the two things I've desired the most. A woman and lots of money.
Proclivity to anal intercourse

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So... What was the problem the art club had exactly?
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They were all horrible at art.
There was a slut who could only draw apples getting in the way of one man's noble goal of drawing the perfect waifu.
arent they in middle school? isn't he too young to be talking about not being interested in 3d? what happened in his past?

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Do you like Fujiwara anons?
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Sorry, kid, we are on break this week.
She's adorable
The chapter where she's training president to get rid of his subhuman ways were fucking great

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Is it the same as 5 Centimeters? Because I literally don't give a fuck about watching 5 Centimeters again.
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>Is it the same as 5 Centimeters?
It almost was.
Now you can watch it in peace knowing its not 5cm/s, how nice for you.

Sage because you really didn't need to create an entire thread just to ask this.
Im guessing people get to see them get together rather than drift apart?
Or maybe the girl dies?

Just tell me if it is one of these.

What's this stand called, again?
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dicc force 5

Nefarious Actions at Affordable Prices
Get The Fuck Out

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Hello friends, I would like to have a good Non Non Biyori thread.

Please talk about your favorite Non Nons and also your favorite Biyoris.

My favorite Non Non is Renge and my favorite Biyori is Konomi.

My favorite episode is when Renge dress up in the rain and scare Koma-chan.
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Would Hotaru scream "non non" when you biyori'd her?
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which are non nons and which are biyoris?
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Just recently finished the tsukihime manga. Wanted to know how /a/ thought of it compared to the VN.
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I haven't read it just watched the visual novel
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Manga is pretty decent, but it's no replacement. You're missing the far-side routes:Akiha, Hisui, Kohaku. Which many consider the better half of the story.

Kagetsu Tohya is great as well, as a sequel of sorts.

I forget, was SHIKI even introduced in the manga?
Oh yeah, I consider the soundtrack pretty great as well. It's overall a different experience.

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What kind of demographic is this genre even aimed towards? Like, I seriously can't even imagine what the people who make these are even like.
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The demographic is me.

Just me.
but you're a nobody
I think the same phenomenon that gives rise to female pop idols not being allowed to have boyfriends is also responsible here.
Basically the kind of men watching these kinds of anime don't want their waifu's to have their purity ruined by another man and being the homophobe that they consider a yuri relationship to be less valid than hetero and therefore feel less threatened. At least that's how I felt before I started reading real yuri.

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