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The Strawhat Cover got a new version where everyone's normal.
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That Deku looks badass!
Is Deku the one with the sword?
No that's the faggot from Kimetsu no Yaiba

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Director: Shingo Natsume (SpaceDandy)
Series Composition: Tomohiro Suzuki (One Punch Man)
Character Design: Norifumi Kugai
Music: Ryo Takahashi (Oshiete! Galko-chan)
Studio: Madhouse
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I see Madhouse changed a few things from the original
Is Natsume Shingo a good director?
The backgrounds look pretty bland for a Studio Pablo work. Scheduling also doesn't seem good so don't expect much good animation from this.

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So I started reading this but so far it is nowhere near as good as Part 1.
Does it get better? Does Shun return and replace the new faggot MC?
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Shun does return but Akashi is gonna stay the MC.
I agree that part II is somewhat lacking compared to part I but it's still good enough to me. Just don't take it too seriously and you'll at least get some good laughs out of it.
The art also improves over time.
I hope you're reading the CR scans because the group that used to translate it had the most obnoxious typesetter ever.
He comes back later.
Also, 1 chapter left for the end.
It gets better

then it gets so, so much worse

you'll know it when it happens

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Post 10/10 insert songs

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Good taste.
Not even memeing here
I said insert songs, not EDs.

But this is indeed a very nice song, I'm going to watch Re Zero because of it.

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The majority of anime today is still airing in 720p. With how hard companies are pushing 4k televisions, do you think anime will just skip airing native 1080p shows and go straight to 4k? I think I can count on my hand just how many shows have aired in native 1080p. It makes me wonder why anime hasn't completely ditched airing 720p. I could understand if this was 2008 when the concept of HD anime was new, but it's 2016 and yet here we are with most shows still airing in 720p.
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Until anime studios figure out a way how to make anime in 4k resolution that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for their cheap late-night budgets of 2,5 million dollars for 12-13 episodes, we're not really going to see any changes for that.
The only anime show that did have 4k was Studio Sunrise's Gundam Thunderbolt, which was a four episodes OVA.

There's going to be a Gundam Thunderbolt TV anime, which will not be 4k, because TV productions are more stressful and requires one to stick to a tight schedule, thus they cannot afford to make it all that good.

tl;dr: no, anime will not go straight to 4k.
>The majority of anime today is still airing in 720p.
Citation needed.

Most shows come out in FHD now. Of course the original resolution before any upscaling can be all over the shop. I think Kill la Kill varied shot-to-shot from 540p to 1080p, for example.

>go straight to 4k
I hope not, as it will probably then have lower bitrate per pixel per frame. I'd much rather have a high bitrate 720p copy than a low bitrate 4k copy with color banding and other artifacts.
>The majority of anime today is still airing in 720p.

Then all those "1080" shows are upscale? Why even bother then lol?

Post t h i c c
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File: 1480444134601.jpg (152KB, 817x1153px)Image search: [Google]
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What kind of curry do you like to eat?
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ciel cheer.png
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One without shitty glasses.
delet this
Chicken or beef, those are pretty easy to make. Just marinate the meat, chop up a few root vegetables, and roast them all up a bit. Add your spices, pour in stock, and let simmer. It's some good shit, man

Just that, post your lolis
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Maki is not a loli idiot
idc, i just need some redhead lolis
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The best.

I miss her.
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S1 > S2

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>draw an intimidating delinquent
>make her a reserved girly girl
Why is this allowed?
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She's not really reserved. She's more detached and cold, and she can turn into a bitch quickly. And she's not best girl in either of her units.
She's just really quiet and kind, she should have been an idol who bullies other idols.

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I should probably watch the rest of sex jokes season 2 OVAs before the movie.
Is there somewhere I can snatch the subbed versions? I've heard it's floating around somewhere but can only find the first two or three
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I wanna fuck Suzu.
newest ova when?
I recommend reading the manga. It's really fun.

RIP in peace tora-san
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>dick goes there
Who dis nig?
Dead show.

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what are your thoughts on the upcoming project itoh movie, genocidal organ? and what did you think of the last 2 films harmony and empire of corpses
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I've read the book it's pretty good.
File: image.jpg (76KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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I have read all 3 books.
Genocidal Organ's sci-fi is the most interesting one.
The technology Itoh describes doesn't seem impossible.
It deals with many concepts about linguistics, advanced technology and our society.
Character design looks realistic and stylized, I think it fits in.
Where can I read the books without purchasing them?
Just wanna make sure that you're not just getting my hopes up

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So, which baby do you choose?
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File: CzJA_F2VIAAs4FK.jpg (123KB, 784x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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the good one

Now I'm not gay, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't fuck Yoichi
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Yoichi is basic bitch, Seimei is the superior lay in Drifters
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> Not choosing to hate fuck Joan as you choke her. Bringing her back and forth through states of maniacal laughter, cumming, and passing out.
>tfw she would hate my guts as I pound her with my Big English Cock

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