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>Loli loves an older man
>Aww, how cute

>Older man returns her affection
>Eww, gross.

Why is this allowed?
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mister are you pedo.png
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Please stop
One is young and immature, the other is ostensibly supposed to be mature and responsible
>you can't love a loli in a mature and responsible way
Says who?

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Remember when /a/ cares about Milky Holmes?
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Unlike you everyone who actually cared about Milky Holmes already killed themselves so there's no one left to sub it.
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Sheryl Smile Milky Holmes.jpg
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>Not liking milky holmes

So the only ones left are anonymous trash-kun posters? Don't worry, the second coming of milky holmes will revive all our dead milky brethren.

I'll start, I love Takeuchi's manga style a shit-ton, even with the weird limbs and uncanny faces/proportions.
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People don't like her artstyle? I always thought it was beautiful. The long swan-like necks and proportions padded the whole goddess warriors image the girls had and it never went yaoi-hand mode as it was still pleasing to the eye.
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Me too. Maybe because it was the first manga art I ever saw as a kid, but I always thought it was fucking gorgeous and it's still the epitome of bishoujo for me. Her chibi versions are really cute too, and I think anyone can agree her use of colour is top tier.
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If Arcueid Brunestud was a real character with depth to the point we actually cared about her, then wouldn't it have been okay for her not to wear her signature costume, right? Saber wore different outfits. But you say "No, you can't have a Tsukihime novel without her wearing the long skirt, and the hair intakes, and the slippers". Nasu, Takeuchi, Koyama, and everyone involved in the project would instant dismiss that idea. That's precisely because the character is just the hair.
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Arc's old clothing were classic and actually pretty damn refreshingly modest for a VN lead. It's an outfit which is somewhat outdated even when the VN was released, but it makes sense because she's an ancient vampire princess.

The hair's fine and so is the skirt as an alternate costume that she gets Shiki to buy for her or something, but her showing up in a miniskirt from the get-go just seems wrong.
> If Arcueid Brunestud was a real character with depth to the point we actually cared about her, then wouldn't it have been okay for her not to wear her signature costume, right?
It's ok for her to wear a different costume, AS LONG AS IT FITS HER CHARACTER. The miniskirt on the picrelated doesn't.
> Saber wore different outfits
Saber does wear a lot of different stuff, but it all follows the same scheme and fits her image.
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The new Arcueid is basically Jeanne D'Arc in modern clothes.

Melty Blood designs were perfect, why did they have to change it?

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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Anime is a visual medium, so of course I put a lot of value into an anime's visual direction. Writing quality matters the most to me though.
When did naruto get so good
After it ended. Also the animation and art direction is good in that ep, but the story is retarded.

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My waifu could beat up your waifu edition.
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Tastu could fuck Ryuko up.
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My waifu can fuck longer than your waifu.
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hot stuff.gif
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She doesn't really want to fight anyone though...

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FUNi dub premiered yesterday. You make your own judgement.


Shigeo: Kyle McCarley
Reigen: Chris Niosi
Ritsu: Max Mittelman
Ekubo: Michael Sorich
Hanazawa: Erik Kimerer
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Fuck off.
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I don't a single fuck since im not a normalfag low power level casual ironic weebs shitter

Fuck your thread and fuck your life.
ow the edge

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masked man.png
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Seriously, how perfect can a character be??
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Only if you think roaches are perfect.
anyone else fap to Sayla during the horse scene?

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I'm on episode 16, does he ever stop being an insufferable faggot?
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hahaha, no
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What does /a/ think of MAL?
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Good for making a list. Ignore literally every other aspect.

>linda young was a terrible VA for frieza
>we had to wait until the 2010s with chris ayres to get a voice for frieza that actually fits
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except for people with real taste didn't wait at all and just liked the original VA
So this is a dub thread?
>people with real taste
Yeah I really like my supervillains to sound like a diner waitress who smoked a dozen packs of Menthols before her shift.

Fuck outta here, trash. Your taste is shit and so is Young's voice acting for Frieza.

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so no new chapter this week?
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WSJ is on leave this week. I think it's a bank holiday or something in Japan.
>tfw Eraser head is going to cockblock them

Wish Deku sent Bakugou to hospital or something.


Not even Baku sent deku to the hospital directly using his powers on him

Eraser head def won't make it though

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Is this the worst sequel to an anime ever?

E7 was a fucking gem but this was liquid shit.
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That's my vote as well. For every bad sequel out there, AO went to such extreme lengths to be completely terrible in every possible facet. It's honestly impressive, in a way.

The OST was ok.
I don't know what this is, but route A took a garbage adaptation and made it even worse, which is kind of impressive
I was so hyped, but holy fuck I was dead inside by the end of Ao.

How could they fuck up that fucking bad?


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Why are those characters so popular on /a/ when compared to the rest of the internet?
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/a/ can relate to concentrated inability to maintain a proper human relationship.
Homu a cute!
/a/ likes to edgy

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What does he mean by this?
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"I'm not relevant anymore so I had to create a bitter old man persona to become popular among shitposters"
Have some respect for your elders, fucking millennials

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