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Is this show good, or shit with moments of good? I can't decide.
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shit with moments of good

every single character had potential but ended up having either shit backstory or just didn't go anywhere

the protaganists backstory was extremely underwhelming after all that time of him refusing to tell people what his past was like

Most of the plot was retarded and the way the weapons functioned were basically copied directly from soul eater (which is also shit)

great OST and action scenes though

Soul Eater had so much wasted potential. The Medusa endgame was weak and Death dying was like a dumb joke.

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What does /a/ think about this? Worth watching or not?
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its very good and is on point till episode 16 in my opinion after that point there is no more internal struggle left to resolve and thus it kinda gets duller but the first 16 are definetly worth while
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just watch it
If you enjoyed SAO, you will enjoy this

If you can dress yourself in the morning, you will not enjoy this

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Reminder to stop bullying the bug
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Bullying Shalltear.gif
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Let's bully shalltear instead.
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At this point everyone loves the bug
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What kind of song would Entoma sing in a karaoke contest?

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Is Inuyashiki good? Or will I hate it if I hated the direction Gantz went?
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It showed promise at the very start, but turned into hot garbage way faster than Gantz.
Not OP but really? I hated Gantz for the same reasons but this here looked more rational and the idea was pretty good.
Its good when it is about the old man daily suffering and beating the shit out of the edgy kid.

How come the cutest show of the season is getting so little attention, anyway?
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None of the girls in Stella no Mahou are for sexual.
Subs don't come out on the same day it airs.
MC likes old men. That's why.

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Im late to the brave witches party, but Nipa-san is Cute!
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Tell us something we don't know.
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The cutest.
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Did someone say Nipa?

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>52 episodes of great development for every single one of the characters
>consistent animation quality
>awesome world building

Why dont they make anime as good as this anymore?
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Bell should have beat the shit out of Howard.

Everyone should have beat the shit out of Howard.
In a real life situation Howard would have been the first to be killed, then cooked and eaten.
I have to admit that I never heard of this despite knowing many old series. But I dig the drawing style, it's simple but I was never a fan of overdesigned stuff, plus the characters and story sound good. Guess I'll download this.

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What happens to people when they're killed
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most scientific research indicates that they die
Wow what a shitty thread.
They get turned into a religion

Kishimoto will be at Jump Festa and he will make 3 (three) announcements. Looks like that Scifi Manga is ready to launch soon.
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I'd prefer a new kubo series instead.
Can this nigga write a sci fi? I think he had a one shot before. It would be shit if it turns into naruto halfway.
Ashihara is dead and they're replacing World Trigger.

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Are they the best new animation studio?
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They have 3 anime so far, none of which are any good. If you can't make anything good on your third chance, it's time to give up.
All of them flopped

Why havent they closed shop yet
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What does the flower symbolize?
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What flower?
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Her chastity.

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Everyone knows that Guts and Griffith are counterparts of one another; Guts is aimless, masculine, dark featured, brutish and coarse and pragmatic, whilst Griffith is ambitious, effeminate, idealistic, with a clear dream in mind. In the story, numerous characters note the closeness of the two men, and it's an entire plot point that Griffith resorts to male prostitution to climb up the ladder of feudal politics. When he meets his rapist again in battle, who is enamoured with him (apparently Griffith was so good at gay sex he wanted him to be spared in battle to be a fucktoy again), Griffith merely says that he was a stepping stone to a greater path, and kills him.

In this way, there may be a hidden dimension to the story here; the Ying/Yang aspect of the two men may again be a contrast in sexualities; Guts is very straightforward in his advances to Casca over the course of the story, developing feelings for her the way the archetypal hero does, and doesn't feel the need to repress that part of himself during the Golden Age arc, whilst Griffith uses his sexuality as a stepping stone to his dream, making it loveless, aromatic and inorganic. It's left up to the viewer/reader to decide if Griffith's courtesy toward the Princess of Midland is out of genuine affection, or if he is using her too (the latter is much more likely).

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Yet the genuine feelings over the course of the story expressed by Griffith are towards Guts. They are on the surface platonic, but if, hypothetically, there were homosexual repression there because of Griffith's prior experiences as a concubine, it would contrast Guts' sexuality, contrasting him in yet another way, and giving the rest of the story an interesting angle; one thematically of unrequited, repressed love. Griffith raping Casca as Femto would be a supplanted representation of this; his feelings quite literally corrupting Guts' union and offspring. The rest of the series would then be something of a Greek tragedy; Guts is now forced to swear revenge on the man who, at some point, may have had unrequited feelings for him - another contrast, a spurned friend (in his point of view) on a quest to kill an unleashed, uninhibited and sexually depraved demon who used to be sexually repressed; making the story's romantic arc be about platonic love, versus repressed romantic love turned misplaced lust and perversion
Good thread.
What about Guts's feelings for Griffith?

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yup, it's this thread again.jpg
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cancer vs. aids
GT is Edge/10
Super is Japanese/10

Take your pick. They're both equally subpar.
So, GT then.
Because Cancer is significantly better to have then Aids

Was it good?
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Yes, nothing more.
>I guess I was the real Attack on Titan all along

Can't believe they ended the show with Eren saying this.
Awful trash.

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Kabaneri is getting another season in 2018?

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He's gonna make that bitch eat so much rice
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Fuck yes, I loved the action in this show, the sakuga and choreography was great, sadly i don't have any webms.

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