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What is moe? Is it more than just cuteness? Is there such a thing as forced moe?
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Acchi Kocchi is an example of forced moe.

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>wake up
>see this

What do you do?
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Tell her to change into the better form and then hand holding or head patting
bat cuddles
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>Better form
>implying you can not just headpat her in her teen form
Get the fuck out

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Shiet I love snacks too.
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Is it any good or is that cute girl just a bait?
They overuse the joke, and it isn't even a funny one.
I don't understand

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Why doesn't anime have "seal girls"?
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Who knows
There was one that had a water elf/selkie, but the name escapes me at the moment.
Pico and Fairy

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Terra ForMars Chapter 202
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Get it here because 4chinks doesn't like blogger.
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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Omae wa mou shindeiru
It's been over 30 years and HnK is still the best shounen fighting manga of all time and almost the best manga of all time. Is anyone else even trying?
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Do you agree?
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Since this excludes all non-whites and all women, yes I agree.

Only beautiful, straight white men are human beings.

I guess the straight thing might be debatable.
If you're not a hot gay, you're not human

Kanako is best.
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All of them.
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Tomoyo a shit.

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Is she special?
I will gladly accept anything from Fu-chan
Will this become the new Sakurafish?

I found somewhere that the "band of hawks" scanlations are made up, apart from weird grammar and getting names mixed up/misspelled I've had no conformation of this, could anyone give me some evidence?
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>Berserk babby asking to be spoonfed
Yeah, Gattsu should be spelled correctly Götz.

brb, correcting the chapters. See you in 10 years.
Made up as in the scanlation group doesn't understand Japanese and were just translating manga on a hunch?

So I know you guys only discuss moe shit, but can we have a thread about thoughtful, depressive or insightful manga? Preferably something psychological, it's ok if it's psychedelic but i don't want nonsense, I want something personal and gripping. I don't know what to read next.

Looking for manga like this:
Pic related
20th Century Boys (read all his other stuff)
Push Man and other stuff by Yoshihiro Tatsumi
Suicide Island

Just something I can read while listening to lo-fi and ride out this horrible horrible winter depression.
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Inside Mari
Shōjo Tsubaki
Boku Girl

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What can we do against the rising lewdness of lolis in the anime and manga medium?
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Do nothing. It's where the market currently is.
>rising lewdness of lolis in the anime and manga medium
What's this? Can you post some examples please. So we can better identify the problem, of course.

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I've watched One Piece until half of the Imperial Down arc (around episode 430 of 770, so I'm really behind on the story). Would One Piece Film Gold spoiler me something important?

There's some sort of small anime convention where I live and one one of the movies they project at a theater is this one, and a friend who watches OP wants me to go with him. As I intend to eventually start watching OP again, I would rather not spoil myself.
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Yes it contains some huge spoilers for anyone not up to Dressrosa arc
You should at least get past the Marineford arc, which is after Impel down
And also past the flashback arc if that's considered separate from Marineford

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He lost.

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