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How do you like new OP and ED?
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Nin niki nin! Stitch, please.

The colours seems to be too cheery for the OP.

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I want to breed with this bunny
raisin best 2hu
tewi a shit

Why are moon bunnies so lewd?

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>sisters walking around the house in underwear

Is he gay?
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yes, now go to bed faggot
i cant, it is too fucking hot that my balls are sweating
It's -15 here, you lucky nigger.

What emotions are these expressions trying to convey?
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Looks like 'tard confusion.
The displeasure of no longer being able to get cummed inside.

Tell me how you like your romance served /a/. A major focus? In the background? Confirmed or subtext? Straight or homo?
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The problem with many straight romances is that I usually feel that one of the characters doesn't deserve the other.
Either there it's because one of them is a one dimensional and boring piece of nothing. Or it's because the levels of competency and agency are just too lopsided.
This same thing can also happen in homo stories, but it's much rarer, I find.
I can like anything if it's executed well, but generally I don't like it as a main focus so I tend to go for side characters and subtext. If it's a purely romance oriented series it all hangs on there being minimal MISUNDERSTANDINGS and it not being dragged on for ages.
Tamako LS made me want more good anime romance movies.
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Major focus and homosexual.

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I've come to post twintails and discuss hatred for rambling old bastards.

Update's over at the usual place.
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Aika a cute
Twintails are love. Aika is life. Flat is justice.

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monster musume would've been a better anime if all the girls were human
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Your taste would be better if your mother aborted you
Agent Smith would be better if she was the succubus queen of the monmons and she's leveling Darling up to become her ultimate fucktoy.
Someone who actually makes sense on this board

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>Granblue fantasy airing next season
>By A-1 productions
>OP by bump of chicken

Thoughts or expectations?

I personally hope they use some of the in-game soundtrack for the anime. The game has an AMAZING soundtrack and I really hope they play some of the most memorable songs in the anime. Like for example, I'd love to see LYRIA as the ED or replacing the ED for the final episode.
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Anime will be shit but we'll get extra Cagliostro doujins because of it so it's still a good thing
It's going to be shit.
It's going to be a goddamn disaster at this rate but at the very least we can expect free stuff in-game while it airs

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Will 2017 be the year of Onee-sans?
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Fuck off, streamshitter.
tfw no onee-san
Sounds like a good start to me.

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Do you like Dokuro-chan?
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love it.

the whole anime has the most "dream-like" quality ive seen. Its like Sakura is having a constant nightmare and when he calls for help nobody hears, events turn against him so quickly and then turn back.

It really reminds me of my dreams stylistically.
her sis's better

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Saw a few very short-lived threads in the archive, but no chapter dumps. Anyway, chapter 40.
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Did you cry?
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>crying for Rolo
Fuck no, he was the death I was gladdest to see not counting Shin in Akito.

He deserved it but his loyalty was admirable if misguided.
Hell no he killed Shirley

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Tsuntsun Erina
Tsundere Erina
Or deredere Erina?
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Cunt Erina.
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Tsuntsun, deredere.
Soma is not in sexy mode enough

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ITT: Clothes in anime and manga that you want for whatever reason.
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Your welcome fampai
I'll never forget you
This has truly, truly been a roundabout path..

Fuck man, i just got to gyros death 3 days ago, and scrolling /a/ shouldnt have triggered me this fucking much, especially ahen i was considering making this exact thread.

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