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Looking back was it really THAT bad?
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It wasn't honestly. The SAO arc was watchable, elfheim was shit, GGO was fun, elfheim part 2 was even worse than shit

Overall a solid 4.5-5/10
Two years of glop.
pushing average

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would you watch a tenchi reboot made in the style of bakamonogatari
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Might be hard to do anything with Tenchi that deviates from what people recognized in the 90's.
Hell no.
u cray

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Goddamn it, my ex made me watch that with her. She loved that shit. In my opinion, it's pretty decent until the ending, which was rushed and went to hell because of that.
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Fremy a fucking shit.

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Eternal goth lolis are the best.
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Not sure which I like more.

So I've just seen Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, apart from the stunning animation I found it to be rather lacking, I mean, it kept me entertained for 2 hours but I didn't care at all for the characters, I found Nausicaä to be a little annoying with all her bullshit about the disgusting as fuck bugs and how she was so perfect(all characters saying how wonderful she is and such), when she was at the inner part of the forest with the guy she acted borderline autistic.

Also I found the end to be complete bullshit, she died but LOLRAPETENTACLEMAGIC and then no problem.

6/10 for the stunning animation and being enjoyable.

I was so surprised when I saw reviews saying this movie was a masterpiece and a 10/10, maybe this is just me not being keen on Ghibli movies.
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36 people found this review helpful

ᵖᵉʳᵐᵃᶫᶦᶰᵏ | ʳᵉᵖᵒʳᵗ

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ITT Villains who did nothing wrong.
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He did everything wrong though.
Narukami pls.
It's easy to hate him when you the game, but you will get hate him more if you listen to Persona radios

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so? what you think?
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I don't.
handdrawn was a mistake
What the fuck...

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How good is NHK ni Youkoso!? Is it worth while anime to watch?
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If you want to kill yourself have at it
so its good?
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Anime isn't worth watching in general.

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>already 3 waifus of the year contenders

this gonna good year, right?

Fuuka is leading for now. she's just too damn cute
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>Fuuka is leading for now. she's just too damn cute
>waifu means my favorite animu girl XDD

Kill yourself immediately.
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I think you forgot one

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Is David doing Code Geass?
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Nepgear is a GOOD girl, and NOT a murderer.

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>tfw get a new monitor and everything is so much more beautiful and colorful and crisp looking and it brings out details in your anime that you've never noticed before
welp, gotta go back and watch all my favs again, this will be fun. Anyone else here know this feel?
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>watching anime

Perhaps, my monitor is like 7 or 8 years old. It's starting to fail now and then so I might have to buy a new one soon. I've been thinking about this though, newer stuff seems much sharper and colourful for sure.
I've heard that video, and everything else really, looks sharper and better on Linux than Windows. Is that right?

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I find myself unable to enjoy any art after watching evangelion. Everything seems so pointless and like a waste of time. I'm constantly rewinding every show I watch, and I feel that Eva is probably the reason why.

I'm constantly stressed, I used to feel like my escapism was worthwhile and had just as much point to it as social aspiration, but eva proved me wrong. It makes me feel like I'm constantly wasting my time making what I used to enjoy impossible.
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Nice blog.
I'm asking for help, you malignant shitposter
how do you balance art and reality? i keep falling off on either side
Rebel against anything and everything you stand for and make something of your life. Build something! Escape into the wild with your car and a tarp and live off the land for a while! Don't fuck around! Just fuckin do something!

Why is Slayers Revolution so much worse than the first three series?
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>Annoying shota faggot reminding us that we are watching a puerile kids show
>Poorly done overarching plot where character motivations are handwaved with "magic" and butchered the source material
>Speaking of which, explicitly contradicts the source material so it can't be adapted unless they retcon the whole thing
>Bad animation, though that was true of the first three seasons as well
>Rehashed Rezo for no good reason

I did like some bits though. The returning characters weren't raped or anything, and the filler episodes, which didn't have anything to do with the halfassed attempt at a plot, were consistently entertaining. I liked the one with the dullahan especially. Worth watching if you are a fanboy.
Because it's not from 90's
because of the stupid stuffed animal.

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I never watched it or Gun Busters but I know all about them. Love that Op too.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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Enough that I make sure not to watch Shaftrash.
Usually hate Shaft but there were some (very few) good shots in Kizu. This was my favorite. Sad a studio needs movie budget to make something even remotely decent.
I value it at about 63.9

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