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Does /a/ know how to properly apologize? When you apologize, you have to show your belly
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>it's a loli propaganda anime
Disappointing, what a waste of good background art too.
>well shaped bodies
Try not to use words you don't understand please.
>he doesn't like seinen anime

Wow what a faggot

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Don't move scum!
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Hail to the Archdyke.
is this a Walther?
No it's an Ortgies.

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new chapter; in Korean, as per usual.
wow it's nothing happens!
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How do we stop Hikage
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With an ancient ritual dance.
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Cut her off her keitai
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Why do so many Manga and Anime treat the Yakuza as goofy good guys that are necessary because they protect their neighborhood and are never shown doing anything actually horrible like murder, rape or human trafficking?
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Because most yakuza are pretty bro tier if you know them. It's true for most organized crime, the reason they can last in s neighborhood is because the locals support them.
>Why do so many Manga and Anime treat the Yakuza as goofy good guys that are necessary because they protect their neighborhood and are never shown doing anything actually horrible like murder, rape or human trafficking?

In your burger dramas, crackers and niggers act that way but not so in Asia.
Murder and rape are reserved to be done by tourists, US soldiers, drug addicts and criminals of passion in Japan.
locals support them because if they dont they will get their business burnt down and beat up/killed

Yakuza are bad guys, I think its just idolization

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For those of you who have seen Koe no Katachi, what did you think?

I thought the ending was a little disappointing; it would've been nice for them to show Shouya reconciling with his old pals instead of the crosses just dropping off their faces. Also more romantic development, especially considering nothing ever came of Shouko's failed confession and how they were baiting it hard in the middle part. All in all though I thought it was great. Solid animation and enough feels to make me want to get out my seat and slap a bitch (looking at you Ueno).
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I liked the ending.
Where did you two see it?
Sleeper hit. Shinkai is a hack.

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The prettiest.
Holyfuck has the book been scanned? Any other ribbon pics?
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Oboe > all
Honorable mention for the buchou, though

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>Killer Queens Bites the Dust makes it so that anyone killed before the rewind in time will still die at the same time they did in the original timeline, even if nothing in the new timeline would have triggered it, as demonstrated on Rohan
>Kira murdered Kawajiris son and undid it with Bites the Dust
>somehow the kid doesn't die anyway in the new timeline like Rohan did and instead becomes a tool for Bites the Dusts ability

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>Hayato wasn't killed by Bites the Dust
>is brought back to life and doesn't die again
>Rohan was killed by Bites the Dust
>continues to die in every subsequent loop until it's canceled

What's hard to understand?
If anything the thing that makes no sense about Bites the Dust is that Kiras watch was still broken even though it wasn't broken in the timeline where they stopped him
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Read the manga

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How would you fix Guilty Crown?
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Change it to Guilty Clown.
More scenes like the Kaleidoscope one
More cool action and songs

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Who's watching the premiere tonight?
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If I'm home in time I'll check it out.
Might set Comcast to record it.
Actually this looks like a good thread to ask.

Are there differences in music used in the different releases of the show?
I grew up watching the show on Toonami and it had a lot of edgy rock music, but when I downloaded the show, it was all different, presumably original Japanese music, most notably on the episode title card screen.
Was it because I was watching the uncut and not edited?
Did you download Kai?

hint: last row is the weakest
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Who's above Johan
Desty Nova : 250
Ai : 210
Yang : 165
Hilda : 155
Oberstein : 155
Reinhard : 150
Johan : 160
Friend : 150
Hilda : 155
Akagi : 180
Conan : 160
L : 145
Lelouch : 130
Light : 140
Kurapika : 145
Tokuchi : 130
Yui - 171

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This was fucking retarded. The ending was completely ridiculous and throughout the whole show they didn't even explain anything

What the fuck is Angra Mainyu? Why did Kiritsugu tell Saber (best waifu) to destroy the holy grail? Why was there black liquid? Why did Archer survive? Why did some random little kid narrate the ending scene and why was Kiritsugu so happy to find him? What the fuck is the deal with works? What the fuck happened to saber and why is she on a hill of dead bodies?

Fuck this show and fuck everybody who says its amazing. It was retarded and made no sense whatsoever.
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I'm guessing you've never read FSN and this was your first Type Moon show
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Thanks for sharing
Another worthless thread by a phonefag.

If you want to know the full story, you play the game.

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Do you think that because of Yuri on Ice success Japan will start to no homo their show less and will create more explicit gay subtext?
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No :^)
Don't use emoticons on /a/.
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>tfw thanks to YoI fujos will finally move on and leave SamFlam's corpse alone
Best gift Sayo Yamamoto could've given me after she helped killing Manglobe.
Michiko to Hatchin was fucking awesome though

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ITT: characters who did nothing wrong.
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Nothing wrong.
He became one of my favorite anime characters ever at the end

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What is Ryuko for?
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Being inferior to her sister.
Being the cutest girl ever.
being the queen of jobbers

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